HumAIn Podcast: How to Power Enterprises with Intelligent Applications with Jordan Tigani of SingleStore


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HumAIn Podcast: How to Power Enterprises with Intelligent Applications with Jordan Tigani of SingleStore

Jordan Tigani is the Chief Product Officer at SingleStore. He was the co-founding engineer on Google BigQuery. He also led engineering teams then product teams at BQ.

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SingleStore powers Comcast with their streaming analytics to drive proactive care and real-time recommendations for their 300K events per second. Since switching to SingleStore, Nucleus Security converted its first beta account to a paying customer, increased the number of scans Nucleus can process in one hour by 60X, and saw speed improvement of 20X for the slowest queries.

To be more competitive in our new normal, organizations must make real-time data-driven decisions. And to create a better customer experience and better business outcomes, data needs to tell customers and users what is happening right now.

With the pandemic accelerating digitization, and new database companies going public (Snowflake) and filing IPOs (Couchbase), the database industry will continue to grow exponentially, with new advanced computing technologies emerging over the next decade. Companies will begin looking for infrastructure that can give real-time analytics — they can no longer afford to use technology that cannot handle the onslaught of data brought by the pandemic.

True Digital in Thailand utilizes SingleStore’s in-the-moment analytics to develop heat maps around geographies with large COVID-19 infection rates to see where people are congregating, pointing out areas to be avoided, and ultimately, flattening the curve of COVID-19. In two weeks’ time, SingleStore built a solution that could perform event stream processing on 500K anonymized location events every second for 30M+ mobile phones.

Businesses need to prioritize in-app analytics: This will allow you to influence customer’s behaviors within your application or outside of it based on data. Additionally, businesses must utilize a unified database that supports transactions and analytics to deliver greater value to customers and business.

Enterprises must access technology that can handle different types of workloads, datasets and modernize infrastructure, and use real-time analytics.

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