Infosys and SingleStore are now working together, identifying opportunities to implement SingleStore – a fast, scalable, relational database, renowned for fast analytics, streaming support, and solutions in areas such as financial services, digital media, telecom, and IoT – with the speed and effectiveness for which Infosys is rightly renowned, worldwide.
Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, with clients in 46 countries. With over three decades of experience in managing the systems and workings of global enterprises, Infosys expertly steers clients through their digital journey. Key to their work is enabling the enterprise with an AI-powered core which helps prioritize the execution of change at each company. They seek to enable an agile digital strategy across the business. They then deliver a learning agenda, driving continuous improvement through building and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from the Infosys innovation ecosystem.
SingleStore is an up-and-coming database provider gaining increasing recognition for fast, scalable relational database offerings. The SingleStore database delivers lightning-fast analytics and compatibility with ANSI SQL, standing out from the NoSQL crowd. SingleStore is also gaining attention with customers that include many of the Fortune 500, including half of the Top 10 North American banks.
SingleStore and Infosys have now partnered to help clients across verticals. The key to the partnership is the ability of SingleStore to offer uniquely powerful solutions, with outstanding price-performance, to a variety of database-related issues, especially in analytics.
Infosys contributes a gimlet eye for opportunities which can best be realized by the use of SingleStore. Infosys can also lead the systems integration work needed to quickly stand up SingleStore, and put it to work, within a complex operating environment.
The solutions jointly offered by the SingleStore and Infosys blur the boundaries of two categories which are commonly used to describe technology offerings: painkillers and vitamins. A painkiller solves problems – reports that take days to run, and dashboards that take hours to update. Slow-running ecommerce sites that inadvertently send customers to the competition. Applications that refuse to scale, requiring doublings and redoublings of back-end investment for meager performance gains.
Vitamins help companies take advantage of opportunities – the new report, new dashboard, new ecommerce site, or new applications that helps a large company step ahead of smaller competitors, or helps a government agency offer services faster, more effectively, and at less cost. And, when technology is used in just the right way, it can do both at once: fix things that are broken, and open up competitive advantage.
SingleStore provides raw power for such solutions; Infosys offers finesse in identifying opportunities and implementing solutions, helping to fix problems the right way, the first time, maximizing opportunities, and minimizing time to market. With the description given here, you’ll be able to identify opportunities in which Infosys and SingleStore may be able to help in your organization.

What Infosys Offers

Infosys is a global organization, nearly 40 years old, with nearly a quarter of a million employees and with a market capitalization, at this writing, of more than $40 billion. Infosys offers digital services and consulting, with Infosys Consulting operating as a business within the overall Infosys organization. Slightly more than half their business is in the US, with the rest spread around the globe.
Infosys partners closely with its clients, and offers a broad range of services that adapt to their needs through its vast suites of services, with platforms spread across different industry verticals.
Infosys acts as a trusted advisor to its clients. Part of their value proposition is their ability to identify valuable emerging technologies, use these technologies in a few situations for which they may be particularly well suited, then share their findings across the Infosys organization worldwide. This creates a portfolio of proven technologies that all Infosys clients can adopt with confidence.

What SingleStore Offers

SingleStore offers a fast, scalable, relational database. SingleStore combines transaction and analytics processing in a single database, like other databases in the emerging NewSQL category, also referred to as hybrid transactional and analytical processing, or HTAP – a term coined by Gartner nearly a decade ago, shortly after SingleStore was founded.
SingleStore is a private, venture capital-funded company based in San Francisco. SingleStore has grown to more than 200 employees, including a large proportion of engineers who continue to develop the platform. At its current stage of development, SingleStore is especially well suited for powering fast analytics that blend historical and real-time data, with fast ingest, high concurrency, and with breakthrough responsiveness to SQL queries, whether simple or complex. This field is known as operational analytics, and is used heavily in financial services, digital media, telecom, IoT, and other areas.
SingleStore usage is sometimes held as something of a secret among its customers, who gain tremendous competitive advantage in applications including credit card fraud detection, predictive maintenance, ad marketplace sales, and other applications. With an increasing range of business partnerships, however, and with the Infosys partnership as the most prominent, the secret is increasingly out.

How Infosys and SingleStore Work Together

Infosys and SingleStore work together with both new and existing customers. Infosys looks for opportunities where the SingleStore database adds unique value, due to its speed, scalability, SQL compatibility, and other features. SingleStore looks for opportunities where advising is needed at a broader level than whether the SingleStore database is the right fit for a specific use case – where an organization is looking at significant change within IT, such as moving a large proportion of their application portfolio from on-premises servers to the cloud.
Infosys sees SingleStore as a key enabler, and well-suited for use cases such as:
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Offloading OLTP databases
  • Performing operational analytics
  • Building real-time apps for highly-concurrent read access (such as for dashboards and internal enterprise apps)
  • Performing real-time analytics, such as anomaly detection to spot fraud and customer segmentation
Here are a few examples of recent implementations of SingleStore in Infosys-led projects:
  • A large consumer electronics company is moving internal data warehousing workloads from Vertica to SingleStore. Infosys is working closely with SingleStore to set up and manage SingleStore infrastructure to support the former Vertica workload, migrate applications out of Vertica, and point dashboards to run on SingleStore.
  • A global music company is using SingleStore to power real-time business intelligence (BI) solutions. Tableau is being used as a visualization layer for data extract from a range of sources and displayed in dashboard. Formerly, the dashboard was having inconsistency and latency issues. Infosys introduced SingleStore as an intermediate, low-latency layer, moving data sets from Hadoop to SingleStore.
  • A leading bank is offloading a transaction processing workload from the leading “old SQL” database to SingleStore. Offloading the transactional database to SingleStore resulted in cost savings and better customer experience.

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