As a recent hire at SingleStore, I’m excited to bring a more engaging experience to everyone in the tech community. As Head of Community at SingleStore, my goal is to ensure that our programs prioritize developers' unique needs. 
An exciting opportunity. As a leader in the database industry, SingleStore has the capacity to reach a large number of developers and enhance their user experience. My background in working among developer communities has taught me that the more success developers have in using a company's product or platform, the more potential that company has to, in turn, be successful. So focusing on developers' needs, interests, and goals creates a win-win situation for both SingleStore and the developers who use our platform. 
For developers, by developers. It is with this goal in mind that we are introducing the SingleStore Ambassador Program. The program has been designed to build a network of SingleStore users eager to share their experiences with other developers. This will include speaking, blogging, and creating videos to share how they use SingleStore, what problems they might have found solutions for, what aspects they find the most useful, or general database best practices they have learned over time. 
An open channel to share knowledge. One of the most exciting parts of the inaugural group of SingleStore Ambassadors is that this group will create content about their experiences. However, they will also help shape the program itself. By putting developer needs first, we can reflexively respond to what developers would find most valuable about having an ambassador community. The ambassador program design will allow for an open channel of feedback regarding how SingleStore can best support our ambassadors to share knowledge and build community. 
Ready, Set, Build. SingleStore users come from a wide variety of industries. We are lucky to have a pool of dedicated users to select candidates for the ambassador program. The recruiting process is currently being streamlined and will be underway soon. Over time we'll add more users that will be relatable to a wide range of experience levels, industries, and demographics. 
This is an exciting time to be part of the SingleStore community team. If you are interested in taking part in the subsequent class of ambassadors, you can message me directly as wfaulkner on our forum.  I also invite you to follow and contribute to the SingleStore Dev account on Twitter.