It’s a Pivotal Time for Data and Disruption — and SingleStore Is Leading the Way in the Cloud


Suresh Sathyamurthy


It’s a Pivotal Time for Data and Disruption — and SingleStore Is Leading the Way in the Cloud

The database industry is at a critical stage in its evolution. Major forces – including an increase in data intensity and the rise of new, demanding applications and low-latency, high-concurrency needs — are causing a disruption in how data is managed.

Demand has never been higher for a database that is fast, enables accurate decisions, and reduces cost and complexity. Many organizations need an ultra-fast modern database that is built for the cloud, scalable, supports any data model and is based on a relational foundation.

A disruptor in the cloud database market, SingleStore delivers on all fronts. The SingleStore database is scalable, relational, multi-model, and works in cloud and on-prem environments. And now, providing further proof that we are a disruptor in the field, we have won the Most Innovative Use of Data in the cloud category of the Cloud Awards.

The Cloud Awards program is one of the longest-standing and most influential platforms for organizations to gain recognition for their cloud-based offerings, celebrating success since 2011. This year, SingleStore was recognized by the Cloud Awards for our work with Fathom Analytics, a privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics that powers data-driven marketing organizations of all sizes around the world through its next-generation web analytics service.

With our help, Fathom was able to consolidate its four databases — from Amazon, Elastic, MongoDB and Redis — and instead use SingleStore as its primary database. As a result, Fathom reduced 20-plus-minute processing times for some of its biggest customers and datasets down to just 100 milliseconds — representing a staggering improvement of 12,000x. The data is now fully real time. Additionally, Fathom customers can now filter data on any field they wish.

We are also excited to be recognized in The Cloud Database Report as a cloud database leader. 

Senior analyst John Foley uses the following criteria in assessing the field of cloud database providers:

  • Cloud-native architecture. The cloud database services are designed to work across hybrid and multi-clouds, and integrate with other cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Enterprise capabilities. Vendors with a complete range of services and support that enterprises may want or need. Fully managed services are a plus.
  • Platform adaptability. Tools, services and APIs for data integration/migration and application compatibility are must-haves.
  • Innovation. A steady pipeline of new, modern, differentiating capabilities.
  • Demonstrated business value. Customer success is the No. 1 proof point.

The Cloud Database Report notes one of our key differentiators is our “multi-model SQL database supports transactions, analytics, [and] various data types.” John also explained that our “emphasis on ‘data intensity’ and converged workloads in one system is compelling.”

This all highlights our continued momentum as a leader in the cloud database arena, following our 2021 debut in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems (CDBMS), and our 2020 Cloud Awards The Best SaaS Innovation for The Internet of Things win.

As we equip more and more organizations with a scalable, real-time, multi-model, high-performance and cost-effective database, it has become increasingly clear that SingleStore’s mission to challenge the fragmented cloud database market and streamline the way that companies store and process data is a winning approach, both for us and our customers. 

We look forward to continuing to guide the way as a leading cloud database provider at a time in which organizations and customers need powerful — but simple solutions — more than ever.