Partnering For Success: Our June Tech Partner Update

In June, we introduced an impressive lineup of new technology partners aimed at transforming the data landscape.

Oracle GoldenGate now offers support for SingleStoreDB, enabling seamless integration and real-time data replication. SingleStore is now a provider on the Terraform Registry. The partnership between SingleStore and Qlik enhances SAP data migration, combining real-time data extraction and processing for improved insights. Lastly, SingleStore released its JDBC connector on Tableau Exchange. 

New Partners and SingleStore Connect Listings

We are thrilled to unveil the new SingleStore Connect listings for the month of June! We continue  to introduce an array of technology partners who are ready to join forces with SingleStore in revolutionizing the data landscape. From innovative startups to industry powerhouses, SingleStore Connect showcases the products you can seamlessly use with SingleStoreDB.

Check out our partners’ products on SingleStore Connect

Oracle GoldenGate Announces Support for SingleStore

Oracle GoldenGate, an industry leader in reliably capturing and applying changed data from Oracle and non-Oracle databases, recently announced support for SingleStoreDB and Singlestore Helios. Customers can now seamlessly integrate and replicate data in real time, unleashing a new level of data agility. This exciting integration allows customers to ingest data from GoldenGate sources and deliver to SingleStoreDB.

Check out Oracle GoldenGate’s announcement post and the SingleStore blog to learn how to connect GoldenGate to SingleStoreDB.

SingleStore Announced as a Launch Partner in Informatica’s New ISV Partner Program

At Informatica World 2023, Informatica’s annual customer conference, SingleStore was announced as a launch partner in Informatica’s revolutionary technology partner program, ISV Innovate! The revamped, cloud-focused program provides customers with high-value integrations with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC).

As an esteemed launch partner, SingleStore joins forces with Informatica, a global leader in enterprise cloud data management, to unlock a new realm of possibilities for businesses worldwide. Together, we unleash the power of seamless data integration, empowering organizations to harness the potential of their data.

Check out the press release here.

TPC-H Benchmark Performed by SingleStore in Collaboration With Intel and AWS

The SingleStore team undertook a TPC-H benchmark, hosted in AWS, to compare the performance of Cascade Lake, Ice Lake and the latest addition to Intel’s Xeon processors, Sapphire Rapids. The outcome was an exciting up to 19% performance improvement from Ice Lake to Sapphire Rapids. Learn more about the details of the benchmark and how SingleStore, Intel and AWS are pushing the boundaries of performance optimization.

Announcing the SingleStore and Qlik Partnership for SAP Data Migration

SingleStore has announced a partnership with Qlik to enhance SAP data migration. This collaboration combines SingleStoreDB's fast and scalable database technology with Qlik Replicate's real-time data capture and replication solution. The integration enables real-time data extraction from SAP systems, which is then processed rapidly by SingleStoreDB. The powerful solution improves performance, scalability, real-time insights, simplified data management and robust security. This partnership is aimed toward helping organizations capture, process and analyze large volumes of SAP data in real time, leading to timely and accurate business insights.

You can learn more about the partnership here.

Accelerating Data Insights with Tableau & SingleStore

SingleStore and Tableau have teamed up to provide businesses with accelerated data insights. SingleStore's high-performance relational database, SingleStoreDB, enables real-time analytics, while Tableau's data visualization capabilities allow for easy understanding and action based on the data insights.

SingleStore has released its own JDBC connector on Tableau Exchange, ensuring low latency and high-fidelity data transfer between SingleStoreDB and Tableau. This integration allows businesses to quickly start using the solution and improve their performance and decision-making capabilities. The partnership aims to decrease the overall time-to-insights of business-critical data, ensuring actionable insights are always available.

You can learn more about the new JDBC connector on Tableau Exchange here.