SingleStore Customers Speak Up on Reviews Site G2 Crowd


Floyd Smith

Director, Content Marketing

SingleStore Customers Speak Up on Reviews Site G2 Crowd

SingleStore is featured on business solutions review site G2 Crowd. Customers cite advantages like MySQL-friendliness, data compression of 60-80%, strong training, and excellent support – and that’s just in a single review.

what-g-2-crowd-does-for-usersWhat G2 Crowd Does for Users

G2 Crowd features frank reviews of business solutions – software and services – across a wide range of categories. For software, categories include:

  • Sales. CRM software, sales acceleration, and a whole range of other sales solutions.
  • Marketing. Tools for A/B testing, content marketing, demand generation, lead management, social media marketing, and more.
  • Analytics. Business intelligence, predictive analytics, and statistical software are among the categories featured.
  • AI. Platform software, chatbots, deep learning, and image recognition are key artificial intelligence (AI) categories.
  • AR/VR. In augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), CAD software, content management, and game engines are among the offerings.
  • B2B marketplace platforms. Merchants, catering, and on-demand delivery for grocery stores and restaurants are included.
  • CAD & PLM. For computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management (PLM), categories include 3D design, computer-aided manufacturing, and geographic information systems (GIS).
  • IT infrastructure. Cryptocurrency software, relational databases (such as SingleStore), NoSQL databases, key-value stores, and many other types of infrastructure software are covered.

Additional categories are collaboration & productivity; content management; customer service; (software) development; digital advertising; e-commerce; ERP (enterprise resource planning); governance, risk & compliance; (content and software) hosting; HR; IoT; IT management; (general) office; security; supply chain & logistics; and vertical industry software.

G2 Crowd has features designed to help. You can easily link from a product to its overarching category (such as Relational Databases Software, for SingleStore), making comparisons easy. You can interact with a G2 Advisor who will help you find the products that are worth your time and attention. It’s easy to share comments on social media. And you can, in many cases, ask a question of, or request a demo from the vendor.

Using G2 Crowd for research can deliver a lot of benefits:

  • Validation. To begin with, you can quickly see that a provider is “real,” with validated and verified users who speak to the plusses and minuses of a product.
  • Strengths and weaknesses. Reviews tell you what a product has done for people, and where it has fallen short.
  • Sales call preparation. If you’re going to interact with a vendor’s salespeople, G2 Crowd can give you a running start on what to ask about.
  • Research completeness. You can find competitors to a product you’re considering and get a quick read on relative strengths and weaknesses. This can be very helpful in creating a shortlist for serious consideration, for example.

Posting a review on G2 Crowd also helps you, as a current user of a product. By posting, you encourage the good features of the products you review to get developed further – and the bad features to get fixed. Your review is likely to elicit responses and comments, amplifying your feedback and possibly helping you work around concerns. And letting vendors know that you post on G2 Crowd may give your feedback more weight with them as they develop their products further.

what-the-g-2-crowd-says-about-single-storeWhat the G2 Crowd Says About SingleStore

So far, so good – at this writing, SingleStore has a star rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 points on G2 Crowd. Among the key positive comments:

  • Speed. Queries are reported to be very fast, for example.
  • SQL and MySQL compatibility. SingleStore uses standard ANSI SQL and is compatible with MySQL wire protocol, making it very easy to drop into existing workflows and development efforts.
  • Distributed database. SingleStore is fully distributed, which is unusual for a relational database and means you can scale SingleStore to meet a very wide range of needs.
  • Specific use cases. Geolocation queries, high rates of compression for columnstore tables, and online transaction processing (OLTP) at high rates of throughput are mentioned.
  • Affordable. Several users describe the licensing costs as reasonable, even “cheap.”

Not all the reviewers on G2 Crowd write in perfect English, as the site attracts users from all over the world. But the enthusiasm behind the many positive comments comes through: “We mostly go after greater performance and scalability”; “Very scalable, fabulous, and very easy to use”; “You can seamlessly join across both row and columnar based tables.” One comment seems to sum up many of the positives holistically: “We’re now able to keep pace with increasing data volume and provide faster insights for our customers.”

This SingleStore review includes positives like “fast queries" that appear in other reviews as well.

There are some recommendations for the company as well – an easier deployment process is recommended; better tools; built-in performance monitoring; making the product easier for less-savvy users. Here at SingleStore – as is likely to be true at other vendors who see concerns listed – these issues have been noted, and efforts to address the concerns are well underway.

And there are tips. One financial services administrator recommends taking the time to get to know the product in some depth, and using Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring.

next-stepsNext Steps

If you’re already a SingleStore user – whether you have an Enterprise license, or are using SingleStore for free – consider posting a review today. (And remember that you can get questions answered on the SingleStore Forums as well.) Your efforts will benefit the community as a whole.

If you haven’t yet tried SingleStore, take a look at the reviews on G2 Crowd. Post questions as comments there, or on the SingleStore Forums. And consider trying SingleStore for free today.