SingleStore Community Edition Available on AWS and Azure Marketplaces


Carlos Bueno

Product Manager

SingleStore Community Edition Available on AWS and Azure Marketplaces

Good news, everyone! Today we’re releasing SingleStore Community Edition on the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces. Many of our customers run SingleStore in the cloud, and often their entire infrastructure. An even larger number try SingleStore first on the cloud before pulling it into their production systems.

A great example is VCare, currently using SingleStore deployed on AWS cloud instances to power its online, real-time charging platform. VCare supports Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), whose customers pay for a certain number of minutes. With its end-to-end software solution, VCare can verify that there is sufficient balance available for users to make phone calls or send text messages. The entire process takes place in milliseconds to ensure there is no lapse in service, supported by the cloud.

Now it is easier than ever to get started. With just a few clicks you can launch a “cluster in a box” on a single virtual machine, and run our DB Speed Test within minutes. The DB Speed Test is a 30-second performance benchmark that comes with SingleStore Ops, and current frequently push over 1 million inserts per second on a single virtual machine.

SingleStore Database Speed Test

The quick start guides for launching SingleStore on AWS and Azure are live in our documentation.

You can also launch a multi-vm SingleStore cluster on AWS using our Cloud Formation Template generator.

AWS and Azure are two of the largest and most broadly adopted cloud platforms. Azure currently offers the largest instance available to support in-memory databases, like SingleStore, with 448 GB of RAM. Cloud platforms provide the agility that many businesses need to scale growing volumes of data, which can be put to use powering applications, monitoring datacenters for abnormalities, and more. We are excited to make SingleStore in-memory technology available to everyone with access to Community Edition on AWS and Azure marketplaces.

For Community Edition on AWS, click here:

For Community Edition on Azure, click here: