SingleStore Releases 2.1 – Increasing the Value of All Data in the Enterprise


Mark Horton

Director of Product Marketing at SingleStore

SingleStore Releases 2.1 – Increasing the Value of All Data in the Enterprise

Today, SingleStore released version 2.1 of its real-time analytics platform, which is available for immediate download. This release includes new features and enhancements to give customers the ability to access, explore and increase the value of data, regardless of the size, age, or format. The release also includes additional SQL surface area and a custom AWS CloudFormation template for fast and easy deployment in the cloud.

Here are the new features customers will see in the release:

  • Multi­threaded Load of CSV files: CSV is one of the most commonly used file formats for exchanging data between applications. You can set up on-­demand uploads of CSV files to SingleStore, so you can harness the power of an in­-memory distributed database for sub­-second query response times on hundreds of millions of rows of data.
  • Distributed Joins: The ability to perform distributed joins on tables with primary key to foreign key relationships is critical to accelerating many types of analysis. SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 2.1 unlocks this functionality to accelerate analytics use cases by allowing you to choose the column(s) on which tables shard, making SingleStore smart and flexible on schema design.
  • Linux-Based Package Manager: With SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 2.1, you have the ability to download, install, and upgrade SingleStore via a package manager on major Linux distributions. You can now easily install, upgrade, and manage SingleStore using common Linux workflows.
  • Node Management: The ability to manage nodes efficiently is essential in database cluster management. With SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 2.1, failed nodes are more easily tracked in the SingleStore Watch dashboard and can be re­attached to the cluster without re-provisioning. The entire experience of backing up, restoring, shutting down, and managing failures is optimized for DBAs. SingleStore built these features based on extensive collaboration with DBAs to ensure its solution is the easiest platform to manage.

Data volumes are growing exponentially, and understanding the full value of all that data can be difficult. Individual data sets bring valuable analytical insights into operations, sales and marketing campaigns, product development, and customer support, but their value only represents a small fraction of the total value of an enterprise’s data. Organizations need their data to play a cross-functional role for their analytics and business intelligence to show the bigger picture. This means that analytic platforms need to quickly ingest, query, and combine data from anywhere inside the organization.

As the speed at which data is analyzed increases, so does the quality of insight. By connecting the dots across all the data inside an organization into a single view, your enterprise can surface valuable competitive advantages, provide deeper customer engagement, and enable better data-driven decisions. Achieving this brings organizations even closer to “data nirvana.”

With a real-time database, you can access and explore data instantly, greatly appreciating the value of all data. SingleStore is the only database that allows companies to manage the velocity of Big Data transactions without sacrificing the ability to interact with and analyze all data in the system. With SingleStore’s 2.1 release, we are unifying all forms of data, taking size, age, and format out of the discussion and giving you peace of mind that you can find all the value in your data.

Available for immediate download, visit our website for a free 30-day trial of the world’s fastest and most scalable in-memory database. If you’re already a SingleStore customer, please contact your account manager for more information on upgrading or with any additional questions.