In a database era dominated by data intensity, many organizations have come to a stark realization: their traditional, single-node databases no longer effectively scale to the demands of modern, data-intensive applications.
To combat this issue, companies are taking steps to migrate their modern data applications to the cloud, powered by a distributed, relational database (like SingleStoreDB). Yet traditional data engines like Oracle and MySQL hit roadblocks in this process — namely, migrating and replicating databases from these legacy architectures to a modern platform can’t be done with legacy batch pipelines. The main challenge? Lengthy durations of downtime, and skyrocketing costs.
To complete a truly successful migration from antiquated data engines to a modern database that stands up to data-intensive requirements, organizations need cloud database migration with a zero-downtime approach — something that’s only possible with a streaming data pipeline powered by Change Data Capture (CDC).
Our latest webinar, “Migrate Oracle and MySQL Databases With Zero Downtime for Real-Time Analytics With SingleStoreDB and Arcion,” highlights just how simple and straightforward it can be to migrate and replicate transactional data from Oracle and MySQL to SingleStoreDB using a real-time, database replication platform like Arcion. And, you can do it in just a few clicks.
Overcoming Common Database Migration Challenges
“Typically, migration can be daunting to customers for many reasons,” says Manish Kumar, Senior Product Manager at SingleStore. These reasons include: 
  • Downtime. Migrations can take databases offline for hours 
  • Cost and complexity. Organizations spend months writing documentation, and manually validating and replicating data for projects that can take years to execute
  • Risk. Complicated setups for bi-directional data replication are needed for migration fallbacks
Fortunately for organizations looking to migrate their databases, there is a way to move forward with a zero-downtime migration strategy — something that’s made possible with CDC.
“CDC is a popular and effective way to do data replication across databases, “says Rajkumar Sen, Chief Technology Officer at Arcion Labs. “What we have done at Arcion is take this concept of CDC, and made the transactional connectivity across various databases not only easier, but also very scalable and highly available through a lot of features.”
CDC-based data replication platforms like Arcion mitigate those common challenges organizations often run into when attempting to migrate their database: 
  • Low-latency data capture enables zero-downtime migration, eliminating lengthy service interruptions. 
  • Automatic schema conversion and schema evaluation, and continuous validation for zero data loss migration can reduce migration budgets and timelines by at least 90%.
  • Out-of-the-box bi-directional replication allows fallback anytime, effectively eliminating migration risks.
Database Migration Made Easy
Curious to see just how simple migrating your database is with SingleStoreDB and Arcion? Check out the full webinar, “Migrate Oracle and MySQL Databases With Zero Downtime for Real-Time Analytics With SingleStoreDB and Arcion,” for the complete demo.