Partners Empower Real-Time Data Warehousing


Sandeep Brahmarouthu

Previous Head of Business Development

Partners Empower Real-Time Data Warehousing

Leading companies such as Comcast, Akamai, Kellogg’s, Dell EMC, Pinterest, Samsung, and Pandora use SingleStore to drive value from data with real-time data warehousing and analytics. For many enterprises, however, the rapid change in the digital business landscape proves daunting. Implementing a real-time analytics and data warehousing solution seems far-fetched, if not impossible.

Who can help companies drive business value from their evolving data ecosystem and become a real-time enterprise?

‘At Twingo, a leading Big Data & BI analytic company from Israel, we make sure to carefully select the best technologies in the world. Since SingleStore is a leader in the real-time analytics space with its innovative approach to handling simultaneous data ingest and analysis, we are proud to work with them to support our customers such as Appsflyer, Matomy.’

-Golan Nahum, Twingo, SingleStore Partner for real-time analytics

Our partners, such as Twingo, use their expertise to design, build, embed, and implement real-time enterprise solutions for businesses around the globe in every industry sector. Twingo introduced SingleStore to AppsFlyer, a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform based out of Israel. AppsFlyer struggled with handling billions of daily events in real-time. Druid, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, and Amazon Redshift did not scale in terms of performance and cost. Twingo’s new SingleStore solution allowed AppsFlyer to aggregate 10 times more data for less cost and with faster responses times.

becoming-a-single-store-partnerBecoming a SingleStore Partner

Created to enable organizations moving towards real-time operations, the SingleStore Partner Program provides our partners with the resources, expertise, and technical support they require to thrive in the data-driven, digital economy.

Currently, SingleStore partners with industry innovators such as Tableau Software, Looker, Zoomdata, Microsoft, Cisco, Informatica, Amazon Web Services, and many others.

‘Enterprises today are looking for innovative ways to harness data to get a competitive edge. SingleStore works with its partners to take advantage of this enormous opportunity to digitally transform industries by capturing and analyzing real-time data to drive change. We believe a strong partner ecosystem is critical in making this promise a reality.’

-Eric Frenkiel, CEO and Co-founder, SingleStore.

Our goal is to nurture a supportive partnership that enables our partners to distinguish their business and advance their offerings. Together, we deliver better business outcomes to existing customers, expand our market reach, and connect with new opportunities.

Enterprises are demanding fast visual analytics on real-time streaming data for all business users. Working with SingleStore, and utilizing its real-time data warehouse allows our joint customers to visualize fast-changing data in Zoomdata’s business intelligence solution.’

-Russ Cosentino, Co-founder and VP of Channels, Zoomdata.

our-partner-benefitsOur Partner Benefits

We enable partners to bring innovative real-time data warehousing solutions to enterprises quickly worldwide. Becoming a partner includes these and more benefits:

  • Best practices in implementing real-time data warehouse solutions

  • Sales and technical enablement material including content, use cases, solutions, demos

  • Best discount pricing for SingleStore Quick Start Training and Certification

  • Deal registration for both referral and resale partners

  • Partner Engineering support on integration

  • Partner product evaluation licenses

partnership-typesPartnership Types

Our Partner Program offers both Member and Premier status levels.

  • OEM Partners embed SingleStore into their real-time applications and products.

  • System Integrators and Consulting Partners play a critical role in developing and implementing solutions and services to deliver scalable real-time data platforms for their clients using SingleStore.

  • Technology Partners (ISV, IHV, and Cloud) integrate their platforms and applications with SingleStore.

  • Value Added Resellers combine data management expertise with solution selling to drive digital transformations with SingleStore.

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