Real-Time Analytics in Tableau


Arthur Gyldenege

Arthur is a product manager at Tableau.

Real-Time Analytics in Tableau

this-is-a-guest-post-from-our-friends-at-tableauThis is a Guest Post from our Friends at Tableau

SingleStore is the database platform for real-time analytics. One of the great features of the latest release, SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 5, is users can connect directly from Tableau. Using the new SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 5 named connector, currently in beta, users can analyze current and historical data together while SingleStore ingests millions of transactions per second. SingleStore is also wire-protocol compliant with MySQL, so if you already have a MySQL driver installed or you are running Tableau 9.3 or later, you can connect to SingleStore.

How can you use SingleStore and Tableau? Say you work for a connected device company that helps millions of people monitor their physical activity and heart rate. Millions of devices send physical activity and heart rate data throughout the day. You just released an app that gamifies exercise and you want to see how effective it is right now. So you open Tableau and select the new named connector called “SingleStore”.

Input the server name of your SingleStore aggregator node, port (default is 3306 as in MySQL), and user credentials.

On the data tab, you see all your databases and tables, which include data from the SingleStore in-memory rowstore and memory and disk-based columnstore. Select the tables you want to analyze and instantly start visualizing your operational data.

Using SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 5? Sign up for the beta Tableau connector here:

The new connector is part of Tableau’s upcoming 10.0 release. To learn more about 10.0, visit

For questions related to SingleStore integration with Tableau, please contact SingleStore at