It is an exciting time in database history, for data-driven enterprises, and for SingleStore itself.
At our Igniting Innovation – A Watershed Moment in the Database Industry event held on June 22 and 23, SingleStore announced the world’s only hybrid multi-cloud, unified analytical and transactional database. This marks a watershed moment for the database industry, which has historically architected databases for either analytical or transactional workloads. 
Customers using the SingleStore unified database for data-intensive applications benefit from unrivaled speed, simplicity, scale, and one-of-a-kind flexibility, functionality and performance.
SingleStore is growing and expanding, and we have made innovation our top focus. The announcement of this ground-breaking database solution is a key proof point of our innovation. 
We unveiled an array of other initiatives that highlight SingleStore’s dedication to our own product innovation, our commitment to helping ignite our customers’ innovation through technology, and our work to cultivate community innovation. 
At the same time, we celebrated the opening of SingleStore’s first innovation center, also known as the Launch Pad, as part of our new Raleigh, N.C., office.
This home of discovery and exploration will reduce the friction that organizations encounter in advancing their digital transformation and becoming more data-driven, and it will drive thought leadership about what is on the data and analytics horizon for organizations everywhere.
We were honored to have Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin join SingleStore CEO Raj Verma at the June 22nd ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the Raleigh office opening. I have roots and strong relationships with local technology partners in Raleigh, so I am excited that we have chosen this beautiful community – which is rich with talent and technology – as our East Coast hub. A highlight of the ribbon-cutting for me was when the mayor echoed Raj’s opening remarks as she wrote these words on our welcome wall: “We’re going to change the world.”
During the week’s events, SingleStore had the opportunity to connect, share with, and learn from key leaders and professionals from academia, business, and government at Igniting Innovation. Our thanks go out to all of our Igniting Innovation attendees.

The Ribbon Cutting Celebration in full-swing

We would also like to offer a special shout-out to our amazing presenters: internationally best-selling author and futurist Bernard Marr; David Hannibal of IEX Cloud, Erik Bovee of MindsDB, Matt Lockyer of NEAR Protocol, Bryan Harris of SAS, and author and speaker Jamie Valvano, who is the daughter of inspirational North Carolina State University coach Jim Valvano.
Thank you for joining and supporting us as we open a new chapter in database history.
Oliver Schabenberger is Chief Innovation Officer at SingleStore.
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