Supercharged Data Management: Exploring the Power of Flyway & SingleStore

Supercharged Data Management: Exploring the Power of Flyway & SingleStore

In today's data-driven world, effective database management is crucial for businesses to thrive.

Managing database schema changes can be challenging, especially in large-scale and complex applications. With the recent integration of Flyway, a popular open-source database migration tool with more than 40 million downloads and SingleStoreDB, a high-performance distributed SQL database, we are witnessing a groundbreaking partnership that offers exceptional benefits for developers and organizations.

In this blog, we will delve into the technical aspects of the exciting partnership between Flyway and SingleStoreDB, and how their combined capabilities can help you effortlessly manage and scale your database.

whats-flyway-and-why-is-it-importantWhat's Flyway and Why Is It Important?

Flyway is a widely used open-source database migration tool that efficiently manages and versions database schema changes. It simplifies collaboration and ensures consistency across development environments. Flyway is especially valuable for developers and organizations looking for a reliable, streamlined way to handle complex database migrations.

flyway-single-store-partnership-what-it-means-for-customersFlyway & SingleStore Partnership: What It Means for Customers

The integration of Flyway and SingleStorDB opens new doors for developers and organizations alike. Combining Flyway's seamless schema management with SingleStoreDB's high-performance distributed SQL database, this partnership enables customers to enjoy faster development cycles, improved database performance and reduced infrastructure costs.

how-the-integration-worksHow the Integration Works

To connect SingleStoreDB with Flyway, follow these steps for both Singlestore Helios and SingleStoreDB Self-Managed:

  1. Make sure you have the Teams or Enterprise Edition of Flyway, as it is required for native SingleStoreDB support
  2. Download and install Flyway following the official installation guide
  3. Locate the Flyway configuration file (flyway.conf) in the //conf/ directory
  4. Update the connection parameters and Flyway license key in the flyway.conf file

For Singlestore Helios:

For SingleStoreDB Self-Managed:

5. Save the changes to the flyway.conf file

Key benefits of the integration include:

Simplified Database Migrations

One of the primary benefits of integrating Flyway and SingleStoreDB is the simplification of database migrations. Flyway's easy-to-use SQL scripts and version control features enable developers to handle even the most intricate migrations with minimal effort. This leads to faster development cycles, reduced chances of errors and more efficient database operations— allowing organizations to respond rapidly to changing business requirements.

Enhanced Collaboration and Version Control

The integration of Flyway with SingleStore greatly enhances collaboration among development teams. With Flyway, developers can easily track schema changes and maintain a clear history of modifications, fostering better communication among team members. As schema changes are versioned, it's simple to roll back to previous versions or identify the source of issues, resulting in improved development workflows and faster resolution of conflicts. This enhanced collaboration and version control can lead to more stable and reliable database deployments.

Improved Database Performance and Scalability

Combining Flyway's seamless schema management with SingleStoreDB's advanced performance optimizations and distributed architecture ensures that real-time analytics and transactions are processed efficiently. SingleStoreDB optimizes query performance through advanced indexing, compression techniques and support for both rowstore and columnstore table types.

The integration with Flyway allows developers to easily manage schema changes while harnessing the full power of SingleStoreDB's performance and scalability. This results in a highly performant and responsive database that  effectively handles growing data volumes and concurrent users, meeting the demands of modern applications.

Cost-Effective Solution

By leveraging the combined strengths of Flyway and SingleStore, organizations can realize substantial cost savings. The integration simplifies database management, reducing the time and effort required for database migrations and schema changes. This leads to more efficient development cycles and fewer errors, which can translate to reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Additionally, SingleStoreDB's performance optimizations and scalability features allow organizations to make better use of their hardware resources, further contributing to cost savings. The partnership between Flyway and SingleStore offers a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to manage and scale their databases without incurring excessive expenses.


The integration of Flyway and SingleStore provides a powerful combination that simplifies database management and scaling. By offering enhanced performance, scalability and collaboration, this partnership leads to better business outcomes for organizations. You can learn more about Flyway on SingleStore Connect and click on the “Get Started” button if you would like to learn more about the integration.