Tapjoy is Powering its Mobile Ad Platform with SingleStore


Emily Friedman

Marketing Communications for SingleStore.

Tapjoy is Powering its Mobile Ad Platform with SingleStore

Over the past several months, we worked closely with the Tapjoy data science and engineering team to implement SingleStore as the database to power their Mobile Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform. In order to deliver optimized ads to over 500 million global users and support over one million transactions per minute, Tapjoy needed a database that could enable HTAP, a Gartner term we refer to frequently at SingleStore, which stands for Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing.

two-use-casesTwo Use Cases

Real-Time Ad Optimization\What does ad optimization look like to a user? Essentially, the Tapjoy Mobile Marketing Platform serves relevant ads from active ad campaigns based on how the ad has performed recently and how well the user fits the target profile of the ad campaign. Users are able to engage with ads and earn reward points, and advertisers generate revenue. For ad optimization to occur in real-time, data needs to be made usable very quickly. The combination of high performance and low latency makes SingleStore a good fit for this need. Across the cluster, Tapjoy is able to process 60,000 queries per second at a response time of less than ten milliseconds.

Overlap Analysis\The second use case for Tapjoy and SingleStore is overlap analysis, or ad targeting based on a user falling into multiple market segments. For example, it is easier to target a user if you can categorize them in several ways, like a sports fan from Texas with kids. SingleStore provides a real-time stream of data, and familiar SQL interface, enabling Tapjoy to analyze user interest data quickly and efficiently to serve the right ad to the right person at the right time. In short, if you know SQL, you can do big data. We detailed more of this use case in a previous blog post: Boost Conversions with Overlap Ad Targeting.

realizing-htapRealizing HTAP

SingleStore provides several important benefits when it comes to enabling HTAP, beyond the SQL interface. Unlike HBase, Tapjoy’s prior solution, SingleStore allows for updates and deletes. In addition, SingleStore can be easily integrated with standard tools and APIs. Interoperability with hardware is something that we see as a boon to our customers – they can build their own white box solution, leverage commodity hardware and deploy in public or private clouds. Finally, SingleStore embodies HTAP by combining transactions and analytics in one system, which achieves high throughput and low latency.

With a slew of competitors in the digital advertising space, having instantaneous access to data up to the last click and having the capability to concurrently analyze that data is a key differentiator for Tapjoy.

For more information on Tapjoy and SingleStore at the In-Memory Computing Conference, visit: singlestore.com/events.

Read the official announcement here.