Podcast: The Importance of Data Management and AI During COVID-19 with Nikita Shamgunov


Gina von Esmarch

Vice President Marketing Communications

Podcast: The Importance of Data Management and AI During COVID-19 with Nikita Shamgunov

Join us for an in-depth discussion with Nikita Shamgunov, SingleStore co-CEO, and David Yakobovitch, the founder of the HumAIn Podcast. This 45-minute podcast episode covers a range of topics – from how other countries are using data and AI to help fight the cause and save lives during COVID-19 to how tech companies are using their platforms and products for good during the pandemic.

Nikita also shares his predictions on how COVID-19 will change data management and digital transformation, how technology can help during the COVID-19 era, and how we can look to history for inspiration.

“A lot can be accomplished through technology. But to deliver value, you need technology and people — and people who know how to use that technology,” said Nikita.

“In fact, in World War II, Alan Turing was doing important work with this group of talented individuals to crack the Nazi code,” Nikita added. “He was driving that impact through technology and the intellect those individuals possessed. Similarly, when we face the crisis of scale of COVID, we cheer for the frontline workers every day as they save lives and put themselves at risk. But there’s plenty of work for information workers and data scientists, too. A smart politician would call for help from frontline medical workers, but also call for assistance from information workers — many of whom are in Silicon Valley.”

Nikita continued: “The big tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have a tremendous amount of power and tremendous ability to help — both with the vast reach of technology, and monetarily. Individuals working for small tech can help too, by volunteering and making technology free for the right causes. That’s what we at SingleStore are doing with our technology, and as individuals.”

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