ThoughtSpot and SingleStore Transform Real-Time Analytics


Mackenzie Miller

Technology Ecosystem Alliance Manager

ThoughtSpot and SingleStore Transform Real-Time Analytics

We are thrilled to announce Thoughtspot’s SingleStore connector is now generally available for customers! Tap into the power of real-time data and actionable insights.

In today’s fast-paced, data-driven landscape, the capability to access, analyze and act upon real-time data is a game-changer for businesses to make informed, timely decisions. Recognizing the significance of this, SingleStore, a leading real-time and AI database has teamed up with ThoughtSpot, an innovative AI-powered analytics platform to provide a seamless pathway for organizations to tap into the power of real-time data.

The real-time duo

Before diving into the integration, it is essential to understand what makes this partnership unique. SingleStore stands out as the only real-time database supported by ThoughtSpot, allowing customers to gain insights even faster than before. SingleStore offers lightning fast data ingestion and querying it as it lands. With ThoughtSpot, every user — technical and non-technical — can limitlessly engage with live data the way they want to, making it easy to create and interact with granular, hyper-personalized and actionable insights.

The platform is intuitive and easy to integrate with your existing ecosystem. With ThoughtSpot Everywhere, users can embed this modern data experience directly in their products and services, monetizing their data and engaging customers to keep them coming back for more. By bringing these two powerful tools together, you can access, analyze and visualize real-time data with unparalleled ease.

The combined strength of SingleStore and ThoughtSpot can be harnessed across a spectrum of industry-specific use cases, including: 

  • Financial analytics and risk management. ThoughtSpot and SingleStore can provide real-time analysis of market trends, risk assessment and fraud detection by quickly processing and analyzing vast amounts of financial data.

  • Customer analytics and personalization. Leveraging SingleStore’s capability to handle massive volumes of data and ThoughtSpot’s user-friendly interface, organizations can conduct real-time analysis of customer data. This allows for personalized services or marketing strategies based on real-time behaviors.
  • Predictive maintenance. Using SingleStore and ThoughtSpot, manufacturers can predict equipment failures and schedule predictive maintenance, improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

connect-single-store-to-thought-spotConnect SingleStore to ThoughtSpot

Getting started with ThoughtSpot and SingleStore is effortless. ThoughtSpot offers a 30-day free trial, accessible through their website. Once you are in the ThoughtSpot platform, you can easily select SingleStore as your data source, enabling you to begin visualizing data promptly.

Check out the documentation here.

The partnership of SingleStore and ThoughtSpot heralds a new era in real-time analytics, providing businesses with tools to swiftly access, analyze and act upon data in real time. It is a powerful partnership offering a seamless, user-friendly experience for deriving actionable insights.