Virtual Hug – We Could All Benefit From Some Humanity and Positivity Right Now


Gina von Esmarch

Vice President Marketing Communications

Virtual Hug – We Could All Benefit From Some Humanity and Positivity Right Now

We are globally faced with a unique set of circumstances at the moment. This virus is keeping us physically apart, and related business results are impacting all of us. But we can still come together virtually to build a sense of hope and global community.

This message is from SingleStore’s Co-CEOs, Nikita Shamgunov and Raj Verma.

Building Community & Camaraderi e

SingleStore is working to do that by reaching out to its employees and the community to put humans – and humanity – back into business.

In an effort to create human connectedness in a time of physical distancing, we have created the ‘Virtual Hug’ movement to instill positivity for all of us. This movement is in response to our employees’ ideas to go beyond the walls of our business, to think and act in unison, by supporting one another globally with a simple act of goodwill. We believe that together we can contribute to a positive state of mind.  In fact, you just might find a Virtual Hug in one of our email footers or in a virtual sticker.

This virtual program emphasizes the importance and value we place on our people and the people with whom we do business, partner, and intersect. As part of Virtual Hug, we have instituted an employee matching donations program to help fight COVID-19. Virtual Hug also empowers SingleStore employees to express their concern and care about SingleStore customers and partners by sending them a Virtual Hug email footer and/or digital sticker.

In addition, Virtual Hug is reaching out to the larger community. Many universities, charities, and non-profits are being impacted by the pandemic. To help them at this pivotal time, we are making SingleStore database software available for free download to these organizations. They can use the donated software at any scale, and we are providing them with Singlestore Helios, our elastic managed service in the cloud, at cost.

Creating a Movement to Focus on the Positive

We all know that the last several weeks haven’t been easy. And while the challenge continues, and while we may not be able to connect in person, we are reaching out to individuals and businesses everywhere, because we believe that together we can contribute to a positive solution. Virtual Hug aims to deliver one by building hope and a sense of community.

That calls for thinking – and acting – beyond our business to work in unity with each other globally. Virtual Hug is a movement to create positivity for our employees, and for them to share that positivity with others during a time when we all need it the most.

We invite you to join us to be part of our Virtual Hug Campaign, to share a sticker with someone that might enjoy it, or share how we might be able to help your university or non-profit charity. We’re all in this together.