Unleash Your Poetic Creativity with SingleStore




April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate, we’ve created a fun contest using SingleStore Notebooks!

Unleash Your Poetic Creativity with SingleStore

In case you haven't heard, SingleStore is a real-time data platform designed for generative AI real-time applications, and is known for its speed in data ingest, as well as transaction and query processing. We have a feature called Notebooks (similar to Jupyter Notebooks and Google Colab) where you can dive deeper into data analytics, machine learning, data exploration and build real-time AI applications. As a developer, you can play around in Notebooks to come up with creative, interactive tools containing live code, visualizations, narrative text and more.

using-single-store-notebooks-for-national-poetry-monthUsing SingleStore Notebooks for National Poetry Month

This month, we’re challenging folks to utilize SingleStore Notebooks to come up with a fun haiku or ASCII art. The most creative entry gets a set of Meta Ray Ban Smart sunglasses, a $500 Amazon gift card and bragging rights! We will also feature the winner in a separate blog.

Not sure what a Haiku is? A Haiku always uses the same number of syllables in a three-line format:

  • The first line is five syllables
  • The second line is seven syllables
  • The third line is five syllables

how-to-get-started-with-single-store-notebooksHow to get started with SingleStore Notebooks

The following guide will familiarize you with SingleStore. Activate your free trial — and get $600 in credits to start building (including on our new Free Shared Tier). As part of the initial sign-up, you’ll be directed to create a workspace. Feel free to skip this step if you’d like, but we highly recommend completing it.

Click Continue and you'll see your workspace deployed and ready for your project. By default, the name of your workspace will be ‘my-workspace.’

using-notebooksUsing Notebooks

In the main dashboard, click on the Develop tab and create a blank notebook.

Next, click on New Notebook > New Notebook.

Create your notebook with any name you’d like depending on your project. You can also choose from personal or shared access. Personal is good when you want to keep the admin access of the Notebook to yourself, and shared is ideal when you’re working in a group and would like to share your notebook with others.

Here’s a more robust step-by-step guide on getting started with SingleStore Notebooks

Take a look at this example Notebook that one of our developer evangelists created to show you how you can create Haiku or ASCII art. You can also take inspiration from existing Notebooks found in SingleStore Spaces.

Submission guidelines:

  • Sign up to SingleStore and build your Notebook
  • Share/push your project to your GitHub repository
  • Be sure to tag our accounts on X and Linkedin with screen shots of your haiku and art with #SingleStorePoetry
  • Submit your GitHub repository link to this submission form by April 30, 2024 at 12 a.m. PST.

Finally, for any queries related to the contest or running/building Notebook, you can ask them in the dedicated Discord channel

We’re excited to see what you create!