Accelerating Real-Time Gen AI with SingleStore and Confluent

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Unlock the power of real-time generative AI with SingleStore and Confluent. By combining SingleStore’s ultra-fast vector database with Confluent’s data streaming platform, businesses can achieve unparalleled speed in processing and analyzing data. With Confluent, businesses can move data from various sources, cleanse and enrich data streams on the fly with Apache Flink, delivering to SingleStore in real time to power generative AI applications.

Confluent is a complete, enterprise-grade distribution of Apache Kafka offering:

  • Cloud native. 10x Apache Kafka service powered by the Kora Engine

  • Complete. A complete, enterprise-grade data streaming platform with 120+ pre-built connectors and in-flight stream processing powered by Apache Flink

  • Everywhere. Confluent is available everywhere your data and applications reside whether in the cloud, self-managed, hybrid or multi-cloud

Use SingleStore and Confluent for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

With SingleStore and Confluent, businesses achieve a new level of efficiency and accuracy in their AI-driven applications, unlocking greater value from their data. The SingleStore Sink Connector allows organizations to easily access their high-value data streams from within SingleStore to power generative AI use cases.

Develop your gen AI applications with SingleStore and Confluent today through SingleStore Spaces.


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