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Four Customer Case Studies - Say hello to the Fintech data revolution

The Fintech market is projected to grow to $324 billion by 2026, with a global adoption rate of 25%. What's driving this massive growth? Data. As the need for real-time, actionable data rapidly increases, so does the demand for modern database technologies to power data-intensive applications.Our eBook, "Powering the Fintech Revolution with Data" explores how innovative Fintech companies are replacing antiquated database technologies with modern data engines (like SingleStore) that meet — and exceed — the need for speed, scale and agility.

Inside you'll uncover:

  • How leading Fintechs across personal finance, consumer lending, crytpo exchanges, and more power innovation with SingleStore.
  • Case studies from four SingleStore Fintech customers, detailing how they ditched legacy databases in favor of faster, more scalable solutions.
  • How SingleStore enables new applications and business models — with up to 100x the performance at 1/3 the cost of legacy infrastructure.

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