Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence

Blazing fast analytics delivering insights in every moment.

analytics-and-business-intelligenceAnalytics and Business Intelligence

SingleStore is the ideal all-in-one data platform for analytics and BI, delivering seamless data ingestion, extreme query performance, and elastic scaling for every data workload

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NewSQL Database

With features purpose-built to accelerate dashboards

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Converged Platform

Designed to support any data of any shape or size with a singular table type

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Built for Fast Dashboards

High speed data ingest and concurrent user access.

Acceleration of Tableau Dashboards


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Powerful Dashboards Company-wide


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From Business Event to Dashboard Availability

30 sec

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analytics-partnersAnalytics Partners

SingleStore is optimized for modern data platforms to provide blazing fast dashboards no matter how large the scale.

Tableau + SingleStore

Tableau + SingleStore
Enterprises can deliver faster, interactive visual analytic workbooks for the most up-to-date data. Businesses can analyze live and historical data together for real-time insights and make in-the-moment decisions.

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Looker + SingleStore

Looker + SingleStore
Enables richer data experiences through more responsive queries on big, fast-changing data. Looker can leverage SingleStore to deliver outstanding performance for the real-time dashboards at a high degree of concurrency.

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Power BI + SingleStore
SingleStore can accelerate your Power BI dashboards with real-time capabilities. SingleStore databases can enable Power BI users to build high-performance visualization dashboards and share those real-time insights across the organization.

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Sisense + SingleStore

Sisense + SingleStore
Together, enterprises can now deliver better understandings of your data while providing quicker analysis. Businesses can quickly analyze terabytes of data in real time, easily visualize complex datasets, and derive in-the-moment actionable insights from most up-to-date data.

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data-integration-partnersData Integration Partners

SingleStore is optimized for modern data platforms to provide blazing fast dashboards no matter how large the scale.

The Informatica Cloud SingleStore Connector allows you to read data from or write data to the SingleStore database platform.

As a source, HVR performs Log-based CDC from the binlog. Fast loads go through the bulk file loader, either directly on the server or remotely through the native client.

Talend Open Studio lets you to easily manage all the steps involved in the ETL process, using the SingleStore Connector

Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory can use the MySQL connector to read data from or write data to the SingleStore database platform.

Amazon Glue
AWS Glue extracts, transforms, and loads data to and from SingleStore

The SingleStore sink connector enables you to exchange data from Kafka to SingleStore.

Stitch allows you to configure your ETL process to balance data freshness with cost and load on your SingleStore instances.

Load your Segment data to SingleStore to run custom SQL queries on your analytic events and to generate custom reports and dashboards.


how-it-worksHow It Works

Whether you are looking to speed up existing dashboards, or build new data applications and analytics use-cases, SingleStore provides the performance, scalability, and simplicity to discover new insights across all your organization's data

make-bi-dashboards-fasterMake BI Dashboards Faster

Connecting BI dashboards to SingleStore accelerates insights and improves the user experience with consistent, reliable low-latency responses. Eliminate slow, flaky experiences by offloading those queries to SingleStore.

ingest-streaming-data-for-instant-analysisIngest Streaming Data for Instant Analysis

SingleStore can stream data from Kafka, S3, and ETL sources so you don’t have to wait to visualize your businesses data. Other systems need data landed and curated before it can be queried (Snowflake).

build-scalable-data-applicationsBuild Scalable Data Applications

Data applications built on SingleStore Self-Managed are faster and more scalable allowing you to provide your customers with limitless possibilities

trusted-by-innovative-companies-of-every-sizeTrusted by Innovative Companies of Every Size

SingleStore is super fast, supports ingestion at a rate significantly beyond our actual requirements and it meets our reliability needs.

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James Burkhart
Staff Engineer, Uber


Every business user is requesting speed and the ability to move at an incredibly iterative pace, we need to be able to provide that and [SingleStore] allows us to do so.

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SingleStore offered the right mix of features, performance, and flexibility to address the problems we wanted to solve…our usage of SingleStore has expanded beyond our initial Ads dashboard project.

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