Eliminate Database Sprawl

A Single Database to End Data Infrastructure Sprawl

simplify-your-data-architecture-with-one-ultra-fast-highly-scalable-databaseSimplify Your Data Architecture with One Ultra-Fast, Highly Scalable Database

Our modern, cloud-native, relational database delivers unlimited scalability in a system that is durable, available, secure and resilient to failure, across cloud providers and on-premises.

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Relational, JSON/BSON documents, vector search, full-text search, time-series, geospatial, key-value

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Handles transactions and analytics, effortlessly and concurrently

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Layered Security

Maintains rich security features, such as multiple forms of authentication

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Query Response

Ultra-fast query response across both live and historical data

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One-click deployment unleashes full platform capabilities

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Enjoy the ultra-high performance and elastic scalability of SingleStore.

eliminate-database-sprawlEliminate Database Sprawl

Reduce Costs and Complexity by Unifying all Your Data into One Modern Cloud Database

Reduce your TCO by 60% and dramatically simplify your data architecture through SingleStore’s patented Universal Storage.

simplified-cloud-architectureSimplified Cloud Architecture

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We are now all in on SingleStore Helios, which has allowed us to drop Redis, DynamoDB and MySQL, saving us an absolute fortune in monthly costs while dramatically improving performance.

Jack Ellis
Co-Founder, Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics

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SingleStore powers real-time applications and analytics with breakthrough performance

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    We will run through real-time demos showing the power of SingleStore.

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    Feature Comparison
    We will compare SingleStore to your current solution and others you're investigating.

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    Customized Pricing
    We will go through your use case(s) with you and describe the schemas, queries, and tables that will be needed, to give you the most accurate information on pricing for each use case.

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