why-single-store-for-retail-and-ecommerceWhy SingleStore For Retail and Ecommerce?

Consumer data holds opportunities to optimize customer interactions. To capture these moments, retailers rely on databases that can simultaneously monitor real-time operations and provide instant analytics with historical data.

Streaming Data Ingest and Store
Collect and store multiple streams of data into a relational format for real-time or historical analysis, without relying on slow batch processing.

Proven Compatibility
ANSI SQL compliant with full data persistence improves data accuracy that works with existing business intelligence and middleware tools.

Fast Query Response
Discover new customer segments, overlaps or propensity to buy events as it happens using historical and real-time sources with standard SQL.

Geospatial Index
Analyze customer or asset location with precision and speed for targeting and tracking in a single scalable database.

example-applicationsExample applications

kelloggs-20-x-reduction-in-etl-process-timeKellogg's: 20x Reduction in ETL Process Time

Kellogg's optimized its supply chain and improved dashboard performance.

Every business user is requesting speed and the ability to move at an incredibly iterative pace, we need to be able to provide that and [SingleStore] allows us to do so.

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JR Cahill
Principal Architect, Kellogg's

more-customer-storiesMore customer stories

With SingleStore, we can just plug and play and do everything we need to empower our customers. It allows us to focus on what we are really here to do: serve our customers.

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Mohammed Radwan
Head of Engineering, Foodics


We initially set up SingleStore to offload some pressure from our current databases during the Black Friday period. This proof of concept went so well we kept it running for six months before deciding to go all in and use SingleStore Helios. We were able to provide faster results for our users and scale out better than our old solution.

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SingleStore has seriously decreased our infrastructure complexity, allowing us to move faster and with more confidence. This all started with search, but now it's far bigger than that. By implementing SingleStore, we get to impact everything.

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The summary dashboard used to take hours to load because of the database timeouts or processing of 500,000 entries. We were trying to jam it onto Google Firebase and get it back as fast as possible, so that was a major bottleneck. Now with SingleStore, the raffle submission data is processed in real time.

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