4 Ways to Interact with SingleStore at AWS re: Invent 2022




4 Ways to Interact with SingleStore at AWS re: Invent 2022

Heading to AWS re: Invent? We’ll see you there. Here are a few ways to interact with SingleStore in Las Vegas.

Taking place Nov. 28 - Dec 2. across six Las Vegas hotels, AWS re:Invent is a great place to learn about next-generation tech firsthand, and connect with other peers and database industry thought leaders.  SingleStore is excited to have an entire lineup of our own activities this year including product demos, customer parties and in classic Las Vegas fashion, a magician at our booth!

Here are four ways you can interact with us at the event and learn more about the world’s fastest real-time, distributed SQL database  — and see the magic for yourself. 

1. Magic and demos at booth #3630

See what makes SingleStoreDB magic

Catch Magician Dennis Kyriakos performing at our booth (#3630) during the conference Nov. 29 - Dec. 2. You’ll enjoy high-caliber, close-up magic that’s guaranteed to kick things off in an unforgettable way. After that, we’ll move on to the database magic, with an in-depth, hands-on demo of how SingleStoreDB works on AWS.

If you’re impressed with the demo and want to try it for yourself, snag a SingleStore branded poker chip — worth $600 in credits to be used for Singlestore Helios.

And of course, don’t forget to grab some SingleStore swag while you’re there. 

2. Watch us on TheCUBE

Uncover what makes a modern database capable of powering real-time applications.

SingleStore’s SVP of Engineering Shireesh Thota will be front and center with our partner IBM for an exclusive interview with TheCube. We’ll be discussing all things real-time, distributed SQL, and the key features you need in a modern database that’s designed to power real-time applications and analytics. Take in the conversation live at booth 4050 on Monday, November 28 at 6:30 p.m. PST — or catch it on demand by following along on our social channels @SingleStoreDB.

3. Fast analytics and AI demo with Intel

Discover how the real-time performance of SingleStoreDB helps the world reduce human trafficking powered with chooch.ai.

Not only will we have our own demo at the SingleStore  booth, but we’ll also be at the Intel booth (#1617) to demonstrate how SingleStoreDB gets the most out of the latest Intel processors, performing incredibly fast analytics and AI in SQL. We’ll start by demonstrating the rapid processing of a realistic summary aggregate query based on our groundbreaking use of operations directly on encoded (compressed) data with Intel SIMD instructions. This example only requires 42 clock cycles per row to process a query with over 30 field references and operators for each row. 

Then, we’ll demonstrate how we evaluate deep-learning-based face recognition models within SQL using cosine similarity metrics based on a vector_dot product function, implemented with Intel SIMD. This approach blends advanced AI matching with SQL filters and joins for easy query expressions that combine symbolic and AI matching — all within the database.

You can check it out for yourself Monday afternoon from 4-7 p.m. PST, or all day Tuesday at booth #1617.

4. Engineering Under the Hood

Catch us on the road, starting at AWS re: Invent

Follow our Engineering Under the Hood series — live this month from AWS re: Invent. Join us Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 11:00 PST to hear SVP of Engineering Shireesh Thota’s perspective on high availability and scalability. And, we’ll be joined by a surprise special guest. 

You can also check out previous episodes of our Under the Hood Series.

We can’t wait to see you at AWS re: Invent. In the meantime, explore some additional content ahead of Nov. 28 — and we’ll have plenty more for you on the show floor.