SingleStoreDB & Google Cloud: The Future of Real-Time Applications

SingleStoreDB & Google Cloud: The Future of Real-Time Applications

SingleStore is partnering with Google Cloud Platform to power the next generation of real-time, cloud native applications.

Cloud computing has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, as more businesses and individuals move their data and applications to the cloud. This trend is driven by the many benefits of cloud computing including cost savings, simplicity, scalability and flexibility.

According to Gartner, more than half of enterprise IT spend will shift to cloud computing by 2025. The reason is simple — outsourcing computing infrastructure allows organizations to focus their limited resources on differentiating their business within their given market segment, rather than maintaining computing infrastructure (i.e. digital plumbing).

SingleStore is partnering with Google Cloud Platform to power the next generation of real-time, cloud native applications.

singlestore-heliosSinglestore Helios

SingleStoreDB is a cloud-native, distributed SQL database — ideal for real-time applications that require low latency queries and fast ingestion at scale. SingleStoreDB also provides a  unified, performant database for modern workloads.

SingleStore’s patented Universal Storage technology leverages three tiers for data storage — RAM, SSD and object storage. Universal Storage intelligently moves data between the three storage tiers based on data access patterns. This helps SingleStoreDB serve both transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads from the same database, mitigating bottlenecks and improving performance — without sacrificing durability.

While most databases are traditionally either OLAP or OLTP, SingleStoreDB is the world leader in HTAP (hybrid transactional & analytical processing) – enabling organizations to read, write and reason with data in real time, in one place.

By combining transactions and analytics into the same database engine, SingleStoreDB helps organizations solve data challenges related to volume, complexity, speed and cost. Some transformative outcomes SingleStoreDB has co-engineered with our diverse customer base are displayed here — with even more success stories found in our case studies.

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The highly optimized, distributed SQL architecture of SingleStoreDB empowers users to customers in overcome bottlenecks related to data accessibility and movement. Rather than throwing more infrastructure at the problem, SingleStoreDB efficiencies help customers reduce complexity, latency and TCO of their data architecture.

With SingleStoreDB, customers decrease the number of purpose-built databases they need, reducing data infrastructure cost, management time, latency and complexity. Additional benefits include mitigating ETL pipelines, consolidating unneeded copies of data and doubling down on in-house skillsets like SQL. Data is now accessible to any stakeholder in real time — finally, data silos can be destroyed and information can be fully democratized.

singlestore-helios-on-google-cloud-platformSinglestore Helios on Google Cloud Platform

Many customers augment Google Cloud services with SingleStoreDB application and analytics performance. Singlestore Helios provides fast ingest of many millions of events/sec, sub-second latency for queries, and is highly concurrent. This allows large cohorts of application users to quickly access SingleStoreDB data while leveraging leading Google Cloud services in their enterprise architectures.

SingleStoreDB can be used in conjunction with many Google Cloud services including Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, Compute Engine/GKE, Dataflow, Looker, AutoML and more. SingleStoreDB is fully MySQL wire protocol compatible and has many native connectors and drivers for connectivity to peripheral technologies. Check out SingleStore Docs for more information on connecting with different application development tools and analytics/BI solutions.

Let’s look at an example: an enterprise sales application is running natively in GKE in the same zone as a Singlestore Helios workspace, leveraging Private Service Connect for secure network traffic between the customer and SingleStore networks. A Looker dashboard provides business insights to hundreds of global sales executives at the same time with millisecond latency, while also allowing complex “what-if” queries to be run against the most recent operational sales data.

Dataproc provides ETL services to modify real-time streaming data, while AutoML enriches the sales dataset with future sales modeling. Historical data warehoused in BigQuery is accelerated by having SingleStoreDB serve many concurrent users low latency queries of the historical sales data from BigQuery.

Moreover, let's examine the business value that Singlestore Helios on Google Cloud brings to the table for customers:

  • Real-time analytics: Singlestore Helios enables businesses to receive up-to-date insights on critical data. Looker's ability to generate and display real-time dashboards and reports based on this data ensures that businesses can make quick decisions based on the latest information.

  • Scalability: SingleStoreDB is built on a distributed architecture that scales horizontally, allowing businesses to easily scale their database infrastructure as their data needs grow. When running enterprise applications on GKE, application servers can effortlessly scale in conjunction with databases —  ensuring they have enough resources to serve a growing user base with high performance.
  • Unified data processing: SingleStore's patented Universal Storage technology enables organizations to serve both transactions and analytics from the same database engine. Pipelines from Google Cloud Storage into Singlestore Helios allow for massive parallel processing ingest of tens of millions events per second, configurable with just a few lines of SQL code.
  • Powerful data modeling: AutoML allows businesses to create complex models on real-time data, providing their organization competitive advantages. This enables businesses to gain insights from their data that may not be apparent when observing the raw data. SingleStoreDB's ability to handle complex SQL queries and support for machine learning empowers businesses to build sophisticated models based on these large volumes of data.
  • Flexibility: Google Cloud's breadth of services enables businesses to create customized applications, workflows and analytics that meet their organization’s needs. SingleStoreDB's ability to handle both transactions and analytics allows businesses to read, write and reason with data in real time, at scale, with great performance all in one place.

SingleStoreDB’s main integration points with Google Cloud are shown here: 

There are many types of customers leveraging SingleStore in their Google Cloud stack. For example, Impact is using multiple Google Cloud products and adopted Singlestore Helios on their platform, which delivered 1,000% query latency improvements for thousands of concurrent users.


Customers are developing real-time applications with Singlestore Helios on Google Cloud. Dataflow templates can be used to integrate SingleStoreDB to BigQuery, the customer's primary enterprise data warehouse. Looker can visualize real-time insights for a wide range of stakeholders who need fresh data to make informed decisions. Enterprise applications running on Compute Engine and GKE can be deployed in the same zones as Singlestore Helios, ensuring low latency between the application and database. AI Platform and AutoML can enrich real-time data as it's being streamed into the database.

All of these robust integrations between Singlestore Helios and Google Cloud can be completely secure by leveraging Private Service Connect. Google Cloud Platform and SingleStore enable customers to build the next generation of real-time, cloud native applications.

Try Singlestore Helios on Google Cloud today, and learn more about Looker on SingleStore Connect.