Join SingleStore at the Data Science Summit in San Francisco


Kevin White

Kevin is on the marketing team and is responsible for marketing operations and content strategy.

We are excited to exhibit at the Data Science Summit on Monday, July 20, in San Francisco. Stop by the SingleStore booth to learn about our MemCity demo, pickup a cool t-shirt, and play our reaction test game to win an Estes ProtoX Mini Drone.

about-the-data-science-summitAbout the Data Science Summit

The Data Science Summit is a non-profit event that connects researchers and data scientists from academia and industry to discuss the art of data science, machine learning, and predictive applications.

Join SingleStore at the Data Science Summit in San Francisco

what-we-have-in-store-for-the-eventWhat We Have in Store for the Event

Visit the SingleStore booth to learn about:

  • Our latest demo, MemCity, that leverages Kafka, Spark, and SingleStore to process and analyze data from various energy devices found in homes, all measured in real time.
  • How in-memory computing can combat latencies in the enterprise, such as batch loading and query execution latency.
  • How SingleStore enables data analyst to get real-time insights using SQL.
  • SingleStore Community Edition – a free downloadable version of SingleStore that comes without limitations on capacity, cluster size, or time.

How Comcast uses Data Science to Improve the Customer Experience
Monday, July 20, 10:50am – Salon 9
Comcast Labs manager, Dr. Jan Neumann, will discuss how Comcast improves the visible parts of the user experience by powering the personalized content discovery algorithms and voice interface on the X1 set top boxes. Bonus: Learn how the Comcast VIPER team is using SingleStore for real-time stream processing.

What’s New in the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack
Monday, July 20, 1:20pm – Salon 9
In this talk, Prof. Mike Franklin of the Berkeley AMPLab will give a quick overview of BDAS (pronounced “badass”) and then describe several newer BDAS components including: the KeystoneML machine learning pipeline framework, the Velox model serving layer, and the SampleClean/AMPCrowd components for human-in-the-loop data cleaning and machine learning.