We're excited to launch Secrets on Helios® Cloud, the safest way to bring your API keys and credentials, and use them within your SingleStore environment.

Helios Secrets: Public Preview

secrets-empowers-developers-to-securely-store-sensitive-data-across-their-ecosystemSecrets empowers developers to securely store sensitive data across their ecosystem

Our developer community has built some amazing applications and workflows with SingleStore Notebooks and our Python client. The core tenant of these applications is the ability to connect to all external APIs and services to bring in data, create embeddings, call LLMs, etc.

We are excited to announce a new feature allowing you to safeguard sensitive data (like access tokens and API Keys) used within our Notebook service. With Secrets, we have made using sensitive information in your notebooks more secure — without hardcoding a value. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of this feature.

Secrets is baked right into our Python SDK, focused on optimizing your productivity. That’s why we allow you to get Secrets directly from our notebooks with a pre-installed package,  SingleStore Python SDK. With this integration, you can use Secrets in your notebooks directly by copying a code snippet from the secrets page and pasting it into the notebook of your choice.

from singlestoredb.management import get_secret
mysecret = get_secret('openaikey')

To create your first secret, log into our portal and navigate to “Develop.” These are encrypted and stored with our highest level of security.

personal-by-default-share-with-your-teamPersonal by default: Share with your team

Secrets created are scoped only to the user that creates the secret. If you’re working in a team, you can easily share your secret with a user or  team. This is facilitated by our RBAC model, which is core to Helios.

Get started with SingleStore free and create your first secret. We’re looking forward to your feedback. Feel free to reach out directly through our Forums, or just tweet at us.