SingleStore Manages Smart Meter Data with Leading Gas and Electric Utility Enterprise


Dale Deloy

Sales Engineer for SingleStore Central US and Canada. Architecting and delivering data solutions for customers.

SingleStore Manages Smart Meter Data with Leading Gas and Electric Utility Enterprise

Smart gas and electric meters produce huge volumes of data. A small SingleStore cluster of 5 nodes easily handles massive quantities of data like the workloads from leading gas and electric utility enterprises.

In one particular use case, over 200,000 meter readings per second load into the SingleStore database while users simultaneously process queries against that data. Millions of meters sending between 10 and 30 sensor readings every hour leading to billions of rows of data. Just an initial part of a year contained over 72 billion meter reads, which measures up to 6 TB of raw data.

SingleStore compressed this data by 10x and reduced it to 624GB of storage on disk. The queries against this data used to take hours, and now only takes seconds or a few minutes. One data scientist stated his query time dropped from 22 hours to 20 seconds.

Utilities continue to build out Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects with the promise of high speed analytics, but they have not delivered. SingleStore changes the game with AMI projects by providing a highly performant, yet affordable analytics platform. SingleStore helps AMI projects meet their goals and supports data scientists using predictive analytics.

SingleStore keeps costs low by delivering high performance on a cluster of shared nothing commodity hardware servers with the ability to scale to hundreds of nodes and petabytes of data. Additionally, most organizations already have the skills in-house to manage a SingleStore database. SingleStore natively leverages the MySQL wire protocol, which means most organizations that already have skilled DBAs with MySQL background have all the skills necessary to deploy SingleStore. Most data tools already speak the language of MySQL so they can connect to SingleStore without modification.

Utilities can leverage existing tools for BI, ETL and Data Science. Current implementations in AMI projects include Tableau for data visualization, Business Objects for reporting and SAP Data Services for ETL. One organization is using SAP Smart Data Access to integrate SingleStore with its HANA environment.

SingleStore empowers utilities companies to perform rapid analytics on Smart Meter data which leads to more accurate grid volume predictions along with proactive grid maintenance reducing costs and delivering better customer service.