SingleStore Stands With Our Environment


Eric Frenkiel

SingleStore Co-Founder

SingleStore Stands With Our Environment

Yesterday, the world reacted to a move by the U.S. President to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Almost immediately, voices across America responded with a resounding commitment to maintain alignment with the Paris climate agreement recommendations.

With the energy sector at the center of this conversation, the industry needs more help from technology companies than ever before. Today, the ability to see operations in real time, and have an immediate view on the state of their businesses, is critical in the effective use of energy.

With the support of technology companies, leading energy providers are now able to reduce carbon emissions via smart meters in households, improve the efficiency of environmentally responsible production, and view metrics that help optimize mix fuels such as natural gas, which have some of the lowest carbon emissions of any fossil fuel on a per-unit basis.

There are many people and companies across the world looking to improve our global environmental standing, and we know there is a long way to go. SingleStore salutes you and stands with you to protect our environment.

Eric Frenkiel and Nikita Shamgunov, SingleStore Founders