Partnering for Success: A Monthly Recap of SingleStore’s Thriving Technology Ecosystem


Mackenzie Miller

Technology Ecosystem Alliance Manager

Partnering for Success: A Monthly Recap of SingleStore’s Thriving Technology Ecosystem

Join us each month as we share the latest updates on our SingleStore Technology Partner Ecosystem and the exciting new developments driving innovation forward. We’re highlighting the latest partnerships, workshops and webinars, and new SingleStore Connect product listings.

Welcome to the monthly recap of the SingleStore Technology Partner Ecosystem! We are thrilled to bring you the latest updates on our technology partnerships and integrations. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most powerful, scalable database on the market and our technology partners play a crucial role in helping us achieve that goal.

We are constantly adding new partners to our ecosystem to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation journey. So, whether you are a customer,  partner or simply interested in the latest developments in the SingleStore ecosystem, you won’t want to miss this monthly recap series. 

welcome-aboard-our-newest-technology-partnersWelcome Aboard — Our Newest Technology Partners

We are pleased to announce the addition of ThoughtSpot, Denodo, Noteable, Data Virtuality, and NodeWeaver to our growing technology partner ecosystem. Organizations are now able to take advantage of the powerful tools these partners have to offer with SingleStoreDB.

The SingleStore technology ecosystem continues to evolve along with the digital transformation journey experienced by our customers — and we look forward to positively impacting that journey by offering comprehensive solutions enabled by these high- profile partnerships.

ThoughtSpot — ThoughtSpot is a BI and analytics platform that allows users to easily search and analyze data, empowering them to  quickly find insights and make informed decisions. ThoughtSpot’s powerful technology makes it possible to analyze massive amounts of data in real time, enabling users to get answers to their questions instantly. The platform features advanced AI capabilities that help identify patterns and anomalies in data, providing even deeper insights.

Denodo — Denodo is a data virtualization platform that enables organizations to quickly and easily access, integrate and deliver data from disparate sources in real time. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Denodo provides users with a unified view of their data, regardless of where it resides — on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

Denodo's data virtualization capabilities allow users to create agile, flexible and scalable data architectures that adapt to changing business requirements. With features like advanced data caching, automatic query optimization and data masking, Denodo ensures that users can access the data they need, when they need it — while also maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

Data Virtuality Pipes — Data Virtuality Pipes is a cloud-based data integration platform that provides a unified pipeline for connecting data from multiple sources. With over 150 supported data sources, users can easily design and manage complex data workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface. The platform's advanced automation and scheduling capabilities enable users to automate the entire data integration process, saving time and reducing manual efforts.

With powerful monitoring and debugging tools, Data Virtuality Pipes helps users identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Organizations can streamline their data integration processes, accelerate their time-to-insight, gaining a unified view of their data with Data Virtuality Pipes.

Decube — Decube is a platform designed to provide reliable data to data engineers and business teams alike. The product offers two key features: Data Governance and Data Observability. Data Governance simplifies governance, increases consistency and standardizes processes across teams, while also providing clear visibility into the status of data, tables and reports. This way, incidents can be identified and addressed quickly.

On the other hand, Data Observability enables users to stay ahead of data issues, detect schema changes, identify duplicates and null values, and uncover potential data issues quickly. Decube's ultimate goal is to build trust in your data by enabling you to locate all your business terms to critical data assets, detecting issues before they impact business decisions.

Noteable — is a web-based platform that provides data scientists and researchers with a collaborative environment to visualize data, together. Noteable streamlines the research process by offering version control, project management and sharing capabilities.

NodeWeaver — NodeWeaver is a software-defined infrastructure that provides a flexible and scalable infrastructure for deploying and managing virtualized network functions including firewalls, routers, load balancers and other network services. It offers features such as automated network provisioning, dynamic resource allocation and network function chaining to optimize network performance and reduce operational costs.

latest-additions-to-single-store-connectLatest Additions to SingleStore Connect:

In March, we welcomed StreamSets, a leading data integration platform to SingleStore Connect. The StreamSets platform provides a user-friendly interface for designing, deploying, and managing pipelines, making it easy for users to create and maintain complex data workflows. With the StreamSets Data Collector and SingleStore, customers can easily process and transform data from multiple sources and deliver it to SingleStoreDB for real-time analytics and other critical use cases. Explore the StreamSets SingleStore Connect listing today.

We're excited to announce that Liquibase, a popular database schema management and deployment tool, has joined SingleStore Connect. With Liquibase, users can easily manage their database schema changes and deployments with confidence, thanks to its robust version control and rollback features.

With the integration between Liquibase and SingleStore, customers can now deploy changes to SingleStoreDB with ease and speed, ensuring that their critical data is always up-to-date and accurate. Liquibase's flexible and customizable architecture allows users to integrate it seamlessly into their existing workflows and processes. Explore Liquibase's SingleStore Connect listing today to learn more about this powerful combination.

NodeWeaver, a leading software-defined infrastructure platform, has joined SingleStore Connect to empower customers to deploy and manage virtualized network functions and cloud-native applications. With NodeWeaver's automated network provisioning, dynamic resource allocation and network function chaining capabilities, customers can easily build and manage software-defined network infrastructures that optimize network performance and reduce operational costs. Discover the benefits of NodeWeaver and SingleStore by exploring the NodeWeaver SingleStore Connect listing today.

upcoming-eventsUpcoming Events

How to Build GPT Chatbot Apps with SingleStore & MindsDB

Join us on Thursday, March 30th for our webinar, “How to Build GPT Chatbot Apps with SingleStore & MindsDB”. In this webinar, you will learn how you can revolutionize your applications with machine learning, including GPT-3 based capabilities, utilizing the MindsDB and SingleStore integration. Our speakers, Tom Hudson (Engineering lead at MindsDB) and Akmal Chaudhri (Senior Technical Evangelist at SingleStore) will teach you how you can quickly deploy a data-centric ML system on AWS cloud with your existing SQL skills.

Register here and share with your colleagues today!

MindsDB is a revolutionary tool that offers a user-friendly way to build, train and deploy predictive models, making AI more accessible than ever before. MindsDB introduces ML inside SingleStore to empower professional and non-professional data teams to achieve their goals quicker, and at lower costs. Together, MindsDB and SingleStore provide an unbeatable combination of speed, scalability and accuracy, empowering businesses to gain deeper insights and drive real-world impact like never before.

How to Migrate 400M Rows from MySQL with Zero Downtime

Join us to hear engineering leaders present "How to Migrate 400M Rows from MySQL with Zero Downtime" to discover how to improve your database’s performance at scale. This webinar will showcase the seamless migration from MySQL to SingleStoreDB on AWS cloud using Arcion tools, and the benefits of a zero-downtime migration. Listen firsthand to Publica’s experiences migrating data from MySQL easily with Arcion in order to achieve blazing-fast performance at scale with SingleStore.


  • How to migrate from MySQL to SingleStore with zero downtime using Arcion
  • Migration benefits including performance and scale that wasn’t possible on MySQL
  • How to improve your business intelligence and decision-making insights with this migration
    Register here


Thu, Apr 6, 2023 · 10:30 PM IST (GMT +5:30)

event-recapEvent Recap:

On March 7th, SingleStore and CData hosted the workshop “Supercharge Your MySQL Data in PowerBI with SingleStore & CData Sync”. The hosts, Jerod Johnson, Senior Technical Evangelist at CData, and Vinay Kumar, Product Manager at SingleStoreDB, showcased how to easily move data from various data sources into SingleStoreDB using CData Sync — achieving real-time analytics in PowerBI. Watch the on-demand workshop today by registering through this link.

By combining the power of SingleStore's lightning-fast, high-performance database with CData Sync's powerful data synchronization capabilities, this partnership enables businesses to seamlessly connect, transform, and replicate data across a wide range of systems and applications. The result is a fully integrated, real-time data infrastructure that can drive smarter decision-making, better outcomes and enhanced customer experiences.

With CData Sync's intuitive, drag-and-drop interface and SingleStore's unparalleled speed and scalability, this partnership is helping to break down the barriers to data integration and deliver cutting-edge solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries.

technology-partner-spotlight-step-zenTechnology Partner Spotlight — StepZen

StepZen is a GraphQL server that helps developers build APIs quickly and with less code using declarative configurations. The platform is the leading solution for GraphQL APIs, providing developers with a powerful toolset to optimize APIs for performance, cost and reliability. What sets StepZen apart from others in the industry is its ability to quickly and declaratively curate almost any form of data — REST, SOAP, SQL, NoSQL, GraphQL — into a GraphQL API, enabling developers to build flexible GraphQL layers that enable rapid application development and sharing of complex data across silos in days (rather than weeks or months).

As a SingleStore Partner, StepZen works closely with SingleStore to provide organizations with an efficient and streamlined way to enable developer consumption of SingleStore data. This partnership enables application developers to take advantage of SingleStore's distributed, relational database and StepZen's declarative approach to quickly build and optimize GraphQL APIs.

Both products have advanced technology that eliminates the need for error-prone query-processing logic in applications. Together, StepZen and SingleStore offer a powerful solution that enables organizations to unleash the productivity of a large number of developers to build high-performance, scalable applications.

single-store-training-available-for-all-single-store-partnersSingleStore Training Available for All SingleStore Partners

As a SingleStore partner, you have access to a variety of training resources available in the SingleStore partner portal, all of which are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of SingleStore’s capabilities and meet the  diverse needs of our partners. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources to enhance your expertise and grow your business with SingleStore!