Simplify Development of AI Applications Leveraging SingleStore and Confluent Cloud for Apache Flink®


Mackenzie Miller

Technology Ecosystem Alliance Manager

In an era where swift and informed decision-making is powered by AI, real-time data is the lifeblood of innovation. SingleStore and Confluent aim to streamline AI application development, enabling enterprises to harness the power of real-time data with unprecedented efficiency.

At the heart of SingleStore’s offering is a high-performance, scalable database, renowned for its fast and precise vector and full-text search capabilities, making it the perfect fit for AI-driven solutions. Complementing this is our partner Confluent, enabling businesses to connect and process all of their data in real time with a complete, cloud-native data streaming platform available everywhere it’s needed.

Today, Confluent has announced general availability of the industry’s only cloud-native serverless Apache Flink® service, available directly within Confluent’s data streaming platform alongside Apache Kafka®. By leveraging Kafka and Flink as a unified platform, teams can connect to data sources across any environment, clean and enrich data streams on the fly and deliver them in real time to SingleStore to build powerful AI applications. 

real-time-gen-ai-applications-require-real-time-data-processingReal-time gen AI applications require real-time data processing

Successfully deploying gen AI use cases requires Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), pipelines that provide relevant, real-time data streams sourced from every corner of the business. However, preparing pipelines of this sort isn’t easy — especially when accounting for an ever-increasing amount of diverse data sources spanning both legacy and modern data environments.

Ensuring applications have access to real-time pipelines with processed, prepared data often requires allocation of valuable engineering resources to manage open-source tooling in-house rather than focusing on business-impacting innovation. Alternatively, securely processing data streams in multiple downstream systems (or across multiple distributed systems) is complex and inhibits data usability, requiring redundant and expensive processing.

Without a reliable, cost-effective means of processing and preparing real-time data streams required by downstream tools, the benefits of gen AI will stay out of reach for most.

together-single-store-and-confluent-enable-simple-development-of-gen-ai-applicationsTogether, SingleStore and Confluent enable simple development of gen AI applications

SingleStore’s Confluent integration enables your teams to tap into a continuously enriched real-time knowledge base, so they can quickly scale and build AI applications using trusted data streams. Using Confluent’s Flink service, you can process and transform data in real time.

Apache Flink can be used to perform complex event processing, data enrichment and prepare your data to be stored in a vector database like SingleStore. With Confluent’s Apache Flink service, you can leverage the power of Apache Flink without having to manage the infrastructure yourself.

You can stream the processed data with ultra-fast ingestion from Confluent to SingleStore via SingleStore Pipelines or the SingleStore Sink Connector. SingleStore serves as the real-time database for storing and querying the processed data. In AI use cases, pre-vectorized data is sent via Confluent Kafka, or the data that is fed into SingleStore can be vectorized using the model of your choice.

By combining Confluent and SingleStore, you can create a robust foundation for building real-time generative AI applications that process and analyze data in real time, generating AI-driven outputs based on the incoming data streams.

Simplify Development of AI Applications Leveraging SingleStore and Confluent Cloud for Apache Flink®

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