Top Stream Processing Questions Answered by the Experts (Hive Panel Recording)


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Top Stream Processing Questions Answered by the Experts (Hive Panel Recording)

The Hive think tank recently held a panel discussion on Stream Processing Systems. Panelists debated best approaches to messaging platforms, stream systems, and accompanying data stores. Other topics included scalability, latency, fault-tolerance/reliability/High Availability, ease and simplicity of deployment, maturity and popularity, enterprise features, and security. There was a lot covered!

Ben Lorica, O’Reilly Media’s Chief Data Scientist, moderated the conversation, comprised of the who’s who of real-time data systems


  • Karthik Ramasamy, Engineering Manager, Twitter and Apache Heron
  • M. C. Srivas, CTO/co-founder, MapR
  • Nikita Shamgunov, CTO/co-founder, SingleStore
  • Ram Sriharsha, Architect for Spark and Data Science, Hortonworks
  • Jay Kreps, CEO/Co-founder, Confluent

Stream Processing Questions Answered

  • Does Spark streaming have more improvements than storm?
  • Why does Twitter have its own messaging system?
  • What are customer concerns about latency and streaming?
  • What changes are happening with Kafka?
  • What are the overall upcoming trends in the stream processing space?
  • When it comes to security systems, how do you prevent specific data access to consumers?

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