Real-Time Solutions Take Center Stage at Spark Summit East 2016


Serena Malkani

Serena is on the marketing team and oversees event and field marketing strategy.

Real-Time Solutions Take Center Stage at Spark Summit East 2016

We spent last week in New York at Spark Summit East talking with the visionaries and data architects using Apache Spark.

power-stream-demoPowerStream Demo

At the show we introduced PowerStream, an Internet of Things (IoT) showcase application with visualizations and alerts based on data from 2 million sensors across global wind farms. PowerStream ingests that data and provides actionable insights in real time, giving users a glimpse of how the future of sustainability can be fully realized by adapting data to drive innovation.

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get-the-single-store-spark-connector-guideGet The SingleStore Spark Connector Guide

The 79 page guide covers how to design, build, and deploy Spark applications using the SingleStore Spark Connector. Inside, you will find code samples to help you get started and performance recommendations for your production-ready Apache Spark and SingleStore implementations.
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zoomdata-and-single-store-taxi-stats-demoZoomdata and SingleStore TaxiStats Demo

We also partnered with our friends at Zoomdata to demo a new real-time dashboard application we call TaxiStats. The demo simulates pickup and drop-off data from New York City taxis streamed into SingleStore in real time. From there, data is queried using SQL and simultaneously visualized in a Zoomdata dashboard. Taxi data is displayed as it is collected while exploratory analytics run simultaneously on the dataset. The dashboard includes:

  • Real-time data for pickups by ZIP code on the map, total volume of rides, and rides by time of day
  • A map and graph that can be filtered to explore and drill down
  • A live stream that can be paused or rewound to examine a specific time period

SingleStore also hosted an evening event included a special presentation from SingleStore Co-founder and CTO, Nikita Shamgunov.

Download the Presentation Slides:

Spark Summit assembles the best engineers, scientists, analysts, and executives from around the globe. We Look forward to the upcoming West Summit in San Francisco, June 6th-8th 2016!