Streamline Data Integration With SingleStore and Fivetran


Mackenzie Miller

Technology Ecosystem Alliance Manager

SingleStore announces a new Fivetran destination for seamless data integration from hundreds of sources into SingleStore for real-time insights.

Streamline Data Integration With SingleStore and Fivetran

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, the ability to efficiently integrate and harness data from various sources is paramount. SingleStore, a leading real-time data platform, is proud to announce its latest partnership with Fivetran, a renowned provider of automated data integration solutions. This partnership introduces a powerful new connector that enables customers to seamlessly move data from a multitude of sources into SingleStore, empowering businesses to leverage their data for real-time insights like never before. 

the-need-for-efficient-data-integrationThe need for efficient data integration

Organizations today are inundated with data from several sources. Extracting meaningful insights from this data requires efficient data integration processes that can handle large volumes of data in real time. Traditional methods of data integration are time consuming and often cannot keep up with the demands of modern applications.

Automated data integration tools like Fivetran have emerged as a solution to these challenges, offering a streamlined approach to data integration. By automating the process of extracting data from various sources and loading it into a centralized database like SingleStore, organizations significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage their data pipelines. In return, businesses focus on deriving insights from their data rather than on the intricacies of data integration.

introducing-the-single-store-destination-for-fivetranIntroducing the SingleStore destination for Fivetran

SingleStore’s destination for Fivetran bridges the gap between data sources and SingleStore. The connector is designed to work seamlessly with Fivetran’s automated data pipeline, allowing users to effortlessly move data from a wide variety of sources into SingleStore.

"We are excited SingleStore has built a Fivetran destination connection using our Partner SDK. This allows joint customers to combine SingleStore's powerful real-time vector database with Fivetran's automated data integration capabilities. Together, we're empowering businesses to harness real-time insights for faster, smarter decisions" — Alison Kline, Lead Product Manager at Fivetran.

Key features of the connector include real-time data sync, ensuring the database is continuously updated with the latest data from various sources. This real-time integration enables organizations to make informed decisions based on the latest information. Additionally, the connector offers automated schema management, simplifying the process of mapping data to the SingleStore schema. Overall, the new connector enables customers to streamline their data integration processes and unlock the full potential of their data for actionable insights.

how-single-store-built-the-destinationHow SingleStore built the destination

The destination is built using the Partner-Build program, a way for vendors to build connectors and destinations for their platform on top of Fivetran’s infrastructure utilizing a Fivetran Partner SDK. These connectors and destinations become available alongside Fivetran-built connectors and destinations.

The Fivetran Partner SDK is a robust framework designed to facilitate the creation of connectors and destinations that seamlessly integrate with Fivetran's platform. Leveraging the gRPC framework, the SingleStore destination is built using Java programming language — and its source code is available in GitHub.

unlock-insights-across-industries-with-single-store-and-fivetranUnlock insights across industries with SingleStore and Fivetran

  • eCommerce analytics. A customer running an eCommerce platform can use Fivetran to extract data from their legacy databases, web analytics tools and CRM system. This data can be moved into SingleStore, where it can be analyzed in real time to gain insights on customer behavior, sales trends and product performance.

  • Financial services. A financial services firm can use Fivetran to extract data from banking systems, trading platforms and customer analytics and move it to SingleStore for identifying potential fraud and optimizing trading strategies.
  • Supply chain management. A manufacturing company can use Fivetran to extract data from an inventory management system, supplier database and production systems. This data can be moved into SingleStore for optimizing inventory levels, improving supply chain efficiency and reducing costs.

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