SingleStoreDB Adds New Features to Accelerate Application Development and Power Real-Time Capabilities


Micah Bhakti

Director of Product Management

SingleStoreDB Adds New Features to Accelerate Application Development and Power Real-Time Capabilities

The world's fastest cloud database has added key features to accelerate enterprise adoption for data applications. Workspaces allow organizations to deploy and scale isolated workloads across shared data, and Code Engine allows developers to push computation directly into the database for performance and agility.

Now, we are announcing the addition of new capabilities which enhance the performance, scalability and manageability of SingleStoreDB, making it easier than ever to build modern data applications.

With the introduction of Workspaces, SingleStoreDB delivers isolated compute instances which can operate across shared data. This allows organizations to deliver rich customer facing applications, power real-time analytics workloads and operationalize machine learning models at scale.

SingleStoreDB now also provides Code Engine — Powered by Wasm. Code Engine is an embedded code execution engine which allows developers to write user defined functions, application logic or machine learning modules and execute them directly within the database. This delivers increased performance, simplifies development and exposes new opportunities for generating insights using operational data.

Check out a full list of the new features and capabilities available today in SingleStoreDB to help you build the next generation of modern data applications:


Workspaces are isolated and scalable compute deployments which provide ultra low-latency access across shared data. Each database can be attached to one or more workspaces concurrently, allowing simultaneous operation of multiple workloads on shared data. 

This enables organizations to run customer facing applications, real-time analytics and operational machine learning across shared data, without managing complex data movement and ETL, or deploying multiple database solutions to handle operational and analytical workloads.

management-apiManagement API

Our Management API is a standardized REST API that allows you to deploy, manage and operate SingleStoreDB at the largest scales. Some of our largest customers are managing tens of thousands of deployments concurrently, which is only possible with robust and scalable management interfaces. 

The SingleStoreDB Management API is a critical tool in meeting the needs of modern and real-time data applications, and beginning today it is available to all of our customers.

security-enhancementsSecurity Enhancements

Security is critical for organizations large and small, and SingleStoreDB provides advanced features to ensure end-to-end protection for your company's most critical data. With modern access controls including SSO and passwordless authentication, end-to-end encryption, compliance certification and advanced access controls, SingleStoreDB powers even the most secure financial and healthcare workloads.

code-engine-powered-by-wasmCode Engine — Powered by Wasm

Code Engine is a powerful tool for developers, allowing them to write code once and deploy it directly in the database to create powerful user defined functions, apply machine learning algorithms, or provide application specific data transformations. This provides incredible performance, simplicity and extensibility for powering modern data applications.

data-apiData API

Building and scaling serverless applications is easier than ever using the Data API. Providing stateless dynamic connections, the Data API enables developers to securely connect applications to the fastest and most scalable database for operational and analytic workloads.

vector-functionsVector Functions

Vector Functions in SingleStoreDB enable developers to build and deploy image recognition models, sophisticated financial calculations and other advanced learning algorithms.

Leveraging Single Instruction / Multiple Data (SIMD) to deliver unmatched speed, and with built-in vector functions such as dot product, euclidean distance, JSON array pack/unpack, vector math (add, subtract, multiply, scalar multiply, sum, etc..) and vector manipulation (sort, slice, get-element), vector functions make it easier than ever for developers to create modern intelligent applications.

flexible-parallelismFlexible Parallelism

Flexible Parallelism allows workloads to scale evenly across compute resources delivering increased performance and better resource utilization as applications grow. This means you can develop your application on SingleStoreDB with the peace of mind that  as your user base grows, your database will effortlessly scale with you.

power-bi-connectorPower BI Connector

The Microsoft-certified connector for Power BI enables business intelligence running directly on the data in SingleStoreDB, without complex integrations or custom connectors. Supporting both DirectQuery for real-time dashboards and Import Mode for point-in-time snapshots with additional support for Custom SQL, the Power BI Connector makes it easier than ever to enable data-driven decision making.

dbt-adapterdbt Adapter

The dbt Adapter for SingleStoreDB provides true data ops, including CI/CD data pipelines, with the power of SQL for enrichment and transformation. And with the ability to run real-time workloads, the dbt Adapter for SingleStoreDB makes it easier than ever to manage data pipelines, schema evolution and transformation.

try-single-store-dbTry SingleStoreDB

SingleStoreDB offers a completely free trial of the cloud database-as-a-service to get started. The trial allows you to load data, connect your application, and experience the performance and scalability of a real-time Distributed SQL database.

You can also take a look at our demonstration of SingleStoreDB “running a trillion rows per second,” and try it for yourself to see how SingleStoreDB delivers the fastest performance and lowest query latency, deployed on your public cloud of choice.