Native Data Integration Service

Native CDC + ETL for SingleStore

dont-let-licensing-costs-or-clunky-integrations-slow-down-your-data-pipelinesDon’t let licensing costs or clunky integrations slow down your data pipelines. 

Whether it’s bulk loading data or streaming data ingestion, your analytical applications demand high-performance data throughput to get the most out of SingleStore.

We offer a native suite of services designed to ETL/CDC data between various sources/targets and SingleStore. That means: Seamless experience for data integration with SingleStore, and no need to purchase or learn new ingestion tools.

key-capabilitiesKey capabilities

Parallelized, high throughput ingestion from multiple sources.

Event streams

  • Kafka
  • Confluent
  • RedPanda

Cloud Object Stores

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Azure Blob Storage

Data lake

  • Hadoop
  • Iceberg (coming soon)

cdc-in-cdc-outCDC in/CDC out

From/to heterogeneous databases.

CDC into SingleStore

  • MySQL (public preview)
  • MongoDB®

CDC out from SingleStore

  • Data warehouse
  • Data lakehouse
  • Downstream

single-store-pipelinesSingleStore Pipelines

Rapid parallel loading
Load multiple data feeds into a single database using scalable parallel ingestion

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Live deduplication
Eliminate duplicate records at the time of ingestion for real-time data cleansing

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Simplified architecture
Reduce or eliminate costly middleware tools and processing with direct ingest from message brokers

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Build your own
Add custom connectivity using an extensible plug-in framework

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Exactly once semantics
Ensure accurate delivery of every message for reporting and analysis of enterprise critical data

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Built-in management
Connect, add transformations and monitor performance using an intuitive web UI

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extract-transform-load-with-single-store-pipelinesExtract, transform, load with SingleStore Pipelines

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Some batches are running at around seven milliseconds. They're so unbelievably fast. SingleStore enables us to be thousands of times faster. Our platform can do everything we need it to in less than a second.

Michael Zimberg
Chief Technology Officer, Digital Asset Research

Digital Asset Research