SingleStore database

How it Works

SingleStore is a distributed, highly-scalable SQL database that can run anywhere. We deliver maximum performance for transactional and analytical workloads with familiar relational models
Ecosystem Architecture Diagram
SingleStore is a scalable SQL database that ingests data continuously to perform operational analytics for the front lines of your business. Ingest millions of events per second with ACID transactions while simultaneously analyzing billions of rows of data in relational SQL, JSON, geospatial, and full-text search formats.

Optimized for Modern Workloads

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Experience the performance of The Database of NowTM for your data today

Accelerate and Simplify Data Ingestion

SingleStore Studio Physical Monitoring dashboard
SingleStore delivers ultimate data ingestion performance at scale and supports built in batch loading and real time data pipelines
Programmatic Pipelines
Build sophisticated for enrichment operations, eliminating the cost and complexity of ETL tooling
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Exactly-Once Semantics
Achieve guaranteed message delivery of streaming data for accurate reporting and analysis
Pipelines for Data Lakes
Continuously ingest data from HDFS and accelerate analytic performance using familiar ANSI SQL
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Streaming Inputs
Apache Kafka, Apache Spark
Database Inputs
MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, Teradata, Redshift
Storage Inputs
Amazon S3, HDFS

Experience Latency-Free Analytics

low latency
SingleStore lets you achieve ultra fast query response across both live and historical data using familiar ANSI SQL
Sophisticated Insights
Perform ad hoc analysis with business intelligence tools, run machine learning algorithms for real-time scoring, perform geoanalytic queries in real time
Geospatial Support
Store, query, and index geographic data types including polygons and points to support area, distance, location analytics in real-time
JSON Optimized
Store and query JSON data as a column-type to efficiently store and analyze multi-attribute objects
Workload Management
Automatically deliver reliable database performance while under high concurrency – to easily support more users and queries
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Full-Text Search
Deliver fast, scalable full text-search applications with keyword-based and regular query conditions in a single SQL statement
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Multi-Statement Transactions
Multi-statement transactions allow a set of DML statements to be combined into a single transaction
Compiled Queries
Repeat queries are compiled into low level machine code to deliver record breaking response for analytic queries
Fully Distributed Joins
Scale out fully distributed JOINs across any table and column for simple efficient query access

Improve Reliability with Durable Data

Our highly-scalable, distributed system balances data and queries across a cluster of cloud instances or commodity hardware for maximum performance, concurrency, and availability
Distributed Storage
Store and process data across clusters of machines to maximize resilience and performance leveraging memory and disk infrastructure
Big Data Capacity
Store petabytes of data on low cost disk and cloud storage for archive requirements while maintaining instant retrieval for fast deep analysis
Massively Parallel
Scale out shared nothing architecture provides a robust parallel execution engine for read and write queries delivering ultra-fast performance
Full Durability to Disk
Write transactions directly to disk or write to memory with full data persistence and archiving
In-Memory or On-Disk Tables
Use memory for transactional workloads and cleanup while using disk for historical data and analysis
Compressed On-Disk Tables
Column store disk compression optimizes resources for storing up to petabytes of data

Easily Deploy Clusters Anywhere

SingleStore Studio Dashboard
SingleStore is a fully cloud-native database that supports on-premise and multi-cloud/hybrid cloud architectures. Deploy instantly and on-demand with SingleStore Managed Service, or on any of your own infrastructure — including Kubernetes-managed containers, VMs, or commodity hardware.
Deploy Instantly with SingleStore Managed Service
Get the full capabilities of SingleStore with one-click deployment and easy cloud scalability
Deploy Anywhere with Kubernetes
Get maximum flexibility, freedom, and control with container-managed data infrastructure
Deploy On-Premises with Ease
SingleStore runs on bare metal and VMs, performing well on both commodity & specialty hardware

Ready to get started?

Experience the performance of The Database of NowTM for your data today

Simple to Setup and Configure with Built-in Monitoring

SingleStore Studio Dashboard
Powerful management tooling accelerates deployment, backups, and administration tasks. SingleStore Studio provides an intuitive monitoring interface to quickly diagnose and assist query performance tuning.
Monitor Performance and Capacity
Quickly see and diagnose query performance bottlenecks and compute resources to ensure optimal performance and availability
API Driven Deployment
Accelerate and simplify cluster deployment and configurations with API driven commands
Enable High Availability
SingleStore holds a redundant copy of data to protect against data loss. Online replication ensures data consistency
Scalable Multi-Tenancy
Deliver thousands of multi-tenant database instances for cloud applications, delivering premium data isolation and performance with minimal resources
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Cluster Management
Automate and simplify common tasks including starting, stopping, restoring, backing up clusters
Backup and Scaling
Manage data replication, backup including to cloud stores and quickly restore without impacting application performance or going offline
Cross Data Center Replication
Synchronize one cluster with another over a broad network connection
Tool Interoperability
Seamlessly plug-in with existing devops tooling and cloud formation templates

Comprehensive Security for Your Most Sensitive Data

SingleStore meets or exceeds data security requirements, including managing the most classified data, without compromising database performance. Easily manage how users and roles access data to support workloads in complex organizations and regulated environments.
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Efficiently manage simple or robust security configurations by user role and group while maintaining maximum performance
Database logging writes all activities to a secure external location to support information security tasks such as tracking user access.
Manage existing account access with PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) and SAML authentication support

Compatibility with Your Existing Systems

Leverage the MySQL wire protocol or JDBC/ODBC interface to integrate SingleStore with the most popular data services and software tools. Deploy anywhere including on-premises or any cloud for ultimate infrastructure flexibility.
This is a sample of SingleStore integrations. To see how we fit with your systems, please Contact Us

What SingleStore Customers are Saying

Gartner gathered this feedback from SingleStore customers as part of a third-party study.
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What SingleStore Customers are Saying

Gartner gathered this feedback from SingleStore users as part of a third-party study. See what they have to say about our product.