SingleStore Announces New Real-Time Generative AI Event, Features and Partnerships

SingleStore Now will feature hands-on sessions for building and deploying new Gen AI use cases & powerful interactive real-time AI applications

SAN FRANCISCO (Sept 21, 2023) – SingleStore, the world’s only database that empowers users to transact, analyze and contextualize data in real time, announced its upcoming generative AI conference, SingleStore Now, which will take place on October 17, 2023 at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Generative artificial intelligence is poised to unlock new business models, transform industries, reshape jobs and boost economic productivity. This conference will be centered around the possibilities and capabilities of real-time AI, and will feature SingleStore’s customers and partners, as well as industry leaders and practitioners, including Harrison Chase, co-founder and CEO of LangChain. 

The one-day conference will showcase hands-on sessions on how developers can build and scale compelling enterprise-ready generative AI applications and the agenda will feature topics such as: “Intro to Building Generative AI Applications using LLMs,” “Building an End-to-End Enterprise Generative AI App Using Llama 2 and LangChain,” “How to Build a Real-Time Enterprise AI Application Using Kafka” and much more. SingleStore will also be announcing a number of new product enhancements across three key areas including: new and faster vector indexing capabilities, the addition of a thin layer of intelligence to the data platform and ecosystem expansion. 

We are very excited about the cutting edge vector capabilities in our database to help power Gen AI use cases,” said Raj Verma, SingleStore CEO. “AI needs data to be elevated to information through context. SingleStore is truly the only contextual database in the market to make this happen. This conference will be our opportunity to bring the industry together, learn from each other and showcase continued innovation in real-time AI.”

“There is not going to be one large language model that dominates the market,” said Madhukar Kumar, SingleStore’s CMO. “In the near future, organizations will start to leverage an ensemble of LLMs to power enterprise use cases. LLMs, both public and private, will need to respond to requests in real time and, in turn, will require a data plane that can reason with, analyze and contextualize data in diverse formats within milliseconds. At SingleStore, we are excited about the future and the abilities and partnerships we are announcing that will help companies build next gen AI apps on top of our database.”

SingleStore is thrilled to partner with Amazon Web Service (AWS), BCT, Cognizant, DoIT, Google Cloud, and IBM on the event. These partners will showcase how they’re innovating with SingleStore and integrating AI capabilities into their systems and products.  

SingleStore has also earned many accolades this year and continues its fast track of innovation. The company announced a new API that drives faster analytics on MongoDB® applications, SingleStore Kai™ in May and expanded its leadership to include Chief Marketing Officer, Madhukar Kumar. Finally, CEO Raj Verma has been recognized as a Top CEO of AI Product Firms by Analytics India Magazine. 

We are at the beginning of the next AI evolution as companies, researchers and data scientists are evaluating new capabilities and opportunities for growth. You don’t want to fall behind in this next technological race. Learn more and register for the conference here.

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