The Real-Time Database for AI

Build and deploy generative AI
applications on your data at scale.

endless-possibilities-all-on-your-dataEndless possibilities, all on your data.

Every day introduces new AI applications that push the boundary of possibilities even further — but building these applications starts with a technical foundation designed to handle your data.

With built-in functionalities, SingleStoreDB supports vectors, semantic search, chatbots, image matching and large language models (LLMs), powering your generative AI applications.


perform-complex-analytics-machine-learning-and-data-exploration-with-ease-and-flexibilityPerform complex analytics, machine learning and data exploration with ease and flexibility


selecting-the-optimal-database-for-generative-aiSelecting the
 Optimal Database for Generative AI

If we leverage LLMs on a vast collection of data, the possibilities of AI-powered applications are endless. Check out this eBook to explore how to evolve your data strategies and existing data infrastructure to leverage LLMs.

Build your generative AI applications, your way.

The next iteration of AI applications for businesses includes using them against custom company data — and that starts with the right database.