SingleStore is built for
Energy Solutions

Energy companies require fast and flexible data processing infrastructure that enables continuous monitoring, analysis, and response to complex systems that power our modern world.

io-t-analyticsIoT Analytics

Energy companies have geographically dispersed capital-intensive assets that require continuous monitoring and maintenance to maximize profits for optimal delivery. IoT analytic solutions can predict and avoid costly maintenance events at scale using a database platform that cost effectively streams, scores, and responds to data events in real time.

One SingleStore customer built an IoT solution that predicts drill bit failure before costly outages occur. Through the use of complex scoring, they can track dozens of readings in real time to adjust drill operations to maximize performance and availability.

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Real-Time Dashboards

Deliver up-to-date dashboards with live data analysis for drill downs and aggregations

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Machine Learning Enabled

Run sophisticated algorithms in SQL or use third party ML frameworks such as TensorFlow

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Drop-in Compatibility

Broad tool support through industry-standard SQL and connectivity APIs

supply-chain-analyticsSupply Chain Analytics

Fast ingestion and analytic performance enable supply chain optimizations

Optimizing the energy supply chain yields improved demand forecast accuracy and reduces product delivery lead times. Supply chain analytics improves energy margins and revenue with minimal technology investment. Customers use SingleStore to drive instant visibility and respond to a variety of supply chain processes including storage management, inventory management, transportation operations, and portfolio optimization. They rely on the fast ingestion and analytic performance for their supply chain optimization programs.

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how-infiswift-supercharged-its-analytics-for-io-t-appsHow Infiswift Supercharged Its Analytics for IoT Apps

Now with SingleStore, each application built on the platform has the reliability and performance that customers require to drive transformational analytics for their operations.

We need the data to be processed extremely rapidly, basically in real time. We chose SingleStore because we needed a high-throughput database that can handle our data volumes and velocity with the reliability our customers require.

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Jay Srinivasan
Sr. Director Engineering at Infiswift

real-time-grid-managementReal-Time Grid Management

Ingest and analyze smart grid data to enable real-time visibility

Energy and utility companies manage a diverse set of equipment that is responsible of efficient operations for energy production and delivery. The collection of data can identify costly outages or support new product packaging for innovative revenue programs. One SingleStore customer ingests and analyzes smart grid data to enable real-time visibility for energy delivery while immediately identifying energy usage patterns to help customers lower power consumption.

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Scalable Analytics

Analyze over 1.2 million smart meters and usage trends with real-time performance

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Predictive Analytic

Stack Deliver scalable SQL against terabytes of data for data science discovery

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Stream Ingestion

Ingest fast changing data without impacting updates or query performance

customer-benefitsCustomer Benefits

major-oil-gas-companyMajor Oil & Gas Company

Maintain Equipment Uptime

Analyze millions of equipment conditions and events with real-time monitoring

Reduce Operating Costs

Avoid costly outages with optimized equipment operations and planned maintenance

Predict Failures

Prevent high-risk operating conditions with real-time predictive scoring

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leading-electric-and-natural-gas-utilityLeading Electric and Natural Gas Utility

Improve Grid Availability

Monitor and locate grid issues in real time to improve customer satisfaction and reduce service calls

Lower Operating Costs

Predict grid operating issues to minimize costly outages and reduce operating costs

Empower Customers

Deliver real-time visibility of energy consumption to help lower customer energy usage

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