SingleStore Expands Collaboration With Amazon Web Services, Joins ISV Workload Migration Program


Gina von Esmarch

Vice President Marketing Communications

SingleStore Expands Collaboration With Amazon Web Services, Joins ISV Workload Migration Program

The following press release has been issued by SingleStore today – Wednesday, July 15th, 2020 – to announce expanded collaboration between SingleStore and AWS.

single-store-expands-collaboration-with-amazon-web-services-joins-isv-workload-migration-programSingleStore Expands Collaboration With Amazon Web Services, Joins ISV Workload Migration Program

New Effort Will Enable Customers to Accelerate the Move to Cloud-Based Operational Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO – July 15, 2020 – SingleStore, The Single Database for All Data-Intensive Applications for operational analytics and cloud-native applications, has expanded its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by joining the AWS ISV Workload Migration Program (WMP). By participating in this program, which helps AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology and Consulting Partners migrate independent software vendor (ISV) workloads to AWS via a repeatable migration process, SingleStore will accelerate the customer journey to the cloud for operational analytics.

“Our customers include global enterprises that are leaders in their industries. Having SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 7.1 available on the AWS platform, which is suited for all types of workloads, gives customers easy access to the fastest, most scalable SQL database in the world,” said SingleStore co-CEO Raj Verma. “SingleStore is The Single Database for All Data-Intensive Applications, providing solutions for all enterprise workloads offering speed, scale and SQL. That makes this a uniquely powerful combination poised to fuel expansion for both companies.”

The expanded collaboration brings significant value to SingleStore customers and the companies themselves. Together, AWS and SingleStore provide a blueprint for adoption, robust technology and other resources to enable customers to harness their operational data at scale.

SingleStore’s modern data architecture can leverage the power of AWS services like Apache Kafka and Amazon SageMaker for streaming data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). SingleStore also leverages solutions like Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to provide full extensibility for real-time operational analytics.

Broadening this collaboration comes at a particularly opportune time, as Gartner expects that three-fourths of databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform by 2022. This trend will be largely due to databases used for analytics via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

AWS recently selected SingleStore as one of five technologies it is highlighting in the AWS Global Financial Services Campaign. The campaign illustrates SingleStore’s ability to support financial services companies in managing time series data.

AWS and SingleStore first collaborated in 2018. In addition to its membership in the AWS ISV WMP, SingleStore is an Advanced Technology Partner in the APN, a global program for technology and consulting businesses that leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers.

SingleStore’s bring-your-own license and metered offerings are available in AWS Marketplace, and the company has successfully transacted private offers through that platform. Singlestore Helios – a fully managed, on-demand, elastic cloud database – also runs on AWS.

“Businesses in the financial services, manufacturing and telco spaces are looking for proven and innovative partners for reducing the time-to-insight with the scalability and convenience of the cloud. Decision velocity — the ability to make faster decisions — is paramount for every organization,” said R “Ray” Wang, principal analyst, founder and chairman of Constellation Research. “This relationship brings all those components together.”

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SingleStore is The Single Database for All Data-Intensive Applications, powering modern applications and analytical systems with a cloud-native, massively scalable architecture. SingleStore delivers maximum ingest, accelerated transaction processing and blisteringly fast query performance, including AI integration and machine learning models, all at the highest concurrency. Global enterprises use the SingleStore distributed database to easily ingest, process, analyze and act on data, to thrive in today’s insight-driven economy. SingleStore is optimized to run on any public cloud or on-premises with commodity hardware. Visit or follow us @SingleStoreDB.


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