New eBook! Why Developers Choose SingleStore: No Filter


Domenic Ravita

VP, Product Marketing & Developer Relations

New eBook! Why Developers Choose SingleStore: No Filter

Modern applications provide responsive, data-driven user experiences, and their analytic queries present a constant challenge for SaaS application developers. If you’re an app developer, you are probably already familiar with the intense pressure to scale data infrastructure without slowing services, or showing your customers the dreaded spinning pinwheel.

Speed matters. In a competitive market, ludicrously fast customer experience (CX) is everything.

SingleStore’s new eBook tells the story of three superstar application developers—Jack Ellis from Fathom Analytics, Josh Blackburn of IEX Cloud and Gerry Morgan at DailyVest—who hit the accelerator on the analytics within their SaaS products with SingleStore. Read the eBook to find out why they chose SingleStore, the data engine that powers great CX with real-time, interactive data analytics, giving users the thrill of their own version of Tesla’s legendary ludicrous mode.

Developers talk: no filter

What I love about this eBook is that it captures the developers’ thought processes and unfiltered commentary on their journey to SingleStore. It’s one of the more entertaining eBooks I’ve seen in recent memory, for sure. For example:

  • Jack chronicled his company’s every step of their move from MySQL to SingleStore in a detailed and very entertaining blog post, which also went viral in the developer community on Twitter. Here are a few highlights:

    • First, there’s the title of Jack’s blog: “
    • Building the world’s fastest website analytics**.”
    • The first sentence of the blog captures Fathom Analytics’ enthusiasm for SingleStore, too: “In March 2021, we moved all of our analytics data to the database of our dreams.”
    • Of the SingleStore sales process Jack said, “[T]his wasn't a sales call. This was a call where I could ask for help from engineers with 100x more knowledge than me, who have solved challenges for companies far larger than ours...”
  • Josh said, in a webinar discussing why he chose SingleStore, “The [SingleStore] support for Apache Kafka has been phenomenal, especially as we are trying to process hundreds of thousands of real-time prices. That’s just been an amazing feature. SingleStore actually solved all of our problems for our use case, all in one database. It’s very aptly named.”

  • Gerry, also sharing his experiences in a webinar with SingleStore, said, “In initial benchmarking our stored procedures were up to three times faster, and we saw a 90% improvement in the time that it took to copy databases and restore them. It was taking about an hour to do that in Azure SQL. The time is reduced to about four minutes in SingleStore which, as far as we were concerned, was unbelievably good.”

The results: Faster, better, cheaper

In the eBook you will also see the results the developers achieved with SingleStore. For example, here’s a summary table from Gerry.

Source: DailyVest

Jack dove deep into details, hitting everything from query performance (“unbelievably fast”) and export speed (“We can export gigantic files to S3 with zero concern about memory.”) to flexibility (“Our new database is sharded and can filter across any field we desire.”) and no more cron jobs because, well, “Cron jobs don’t scale.”

Josh summed up, “SingleStore enables us to do monitoring and analysis in the same system that houses our historical data, and this creates enormous efficiencies for us. We’ve been able to consolidate multiple databases, run our platform faster, and speed the onboarding processes for new data sets.”


But wait, there’s more! Get our latest eBook right now to find out. Download “Ludicrously Fast Analytics: A 5-Step Guide for Developers of Modern Applications” to learn how three very different SaaS firms achieve singularly great data driven customer experiences.

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