Scale Your Speed




Scale Your Speed

We often meet customers struggling to derive insights from their data in real time, at any time. And while several databases are designed to support big data, few are designed to support fast data — and we mean ingesting trillions of lines per second, while querying that data in milliseconds.

The challenge in delivering today’s high demand for data is that most current databases weren’t designed for data intensity — the idea that high volumes of data should be ingested and processed at tremendous speeds without lags in availability, no matter how complex or frequent the data sets. Now, try handling both transactional and analytical workloads, and you’re left with only a few databases that can stand up to these requirements. 

But in markets driven by digital interactions and instant everything, simply being fast won’t cut it. The world’s leading brands demand speed at scale — whether they’re preventing millions of fraudulent credit card transactions, offering dynamic pricing to hundreds of thousands of riders or sending “watch next” recommendations to millions of viewers — it’s not enough to be fast. You also have to go big.

Scale out comes in many forms — but for workloads that demand high performance (and even higher security), customers like Akamai, Uber and Hulu choose highly performant, on-premises platforms to augment their cloud deployments. SingleStore uses massive parallel processing (MPP) to scale out database architectures, adding nodes as workload demands increase. 

To highlight scale-out performance potential, SingleStore recently completed TPC benchmarking studies with Dell Technologies, using some of their most powerful compute and storage solutions including PowerEdge 940, PowerEdge 740 and PowerFlex. Dell’s white paper, “Unleash the Power of Real-Time Data Intensive Applications” dives into how Dell Technologies platforms work seamlessly with SingleStore’s MPP architecture, scaling to thousands of clusters with high availability in multiple geo locations.

From emerging data challenges for today’s organizations, to optimizing business outcomes with SingleStore on PowerFlex storage, Dell’s white paper dives deeper into:

  • How SingleStore accelerates data ingest, reduces query latency and increases concurrency
  • The next era of cloud database management systems, and how SingleStore and Dell add greater resiliency into your database architecture
  • How Dell and SingleStore provide a modern IT foundation for data-intensive applications

“The single biggest challenge that many companies face is the ability to handle the ever- growing data and the ability to draw insights. They often do that with error prone, complex technical architectures. SingleStore provides a compelling solution for such data-intensive applications on all key dimensions of scale, performance, HA and TCO. We are thrilled to work with Dell PowerEdge and PowerFlex in bringing the power of our solution on top of their leading virtualization platform.” — Shireesh Thota, SVP Engineering at SingleStore

Download Dell’s white paper, “Unleash the Power of Real-Time Data Intensive Applications” today.

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