SingleStore Connect: Building an Ecosystem for Real-Time Enterprises


Karl Hoffman

VP, Technology Ecosystem

SingleStore Connect: Building an Ecosystem for Real-Time Enterprises

Companies are driving their systems to make decisions at crucial points in business, powering real-time enterprises and real-time decision making. Today, the real-time enterprise is not a destination but a journey that will evolve.

At the core of any real-time journey is the data technology the enterprise selects. Distributed databases no longer make sense — separating time-series, graph, Hadoop, document stores and more into separate specialized data stores to facilitate decision making. What is needed is a “single store” that takes the best of these independent systems, and brings them to market in one place. 

Having data in one place is already a big win. From  consolidating data sources to reducing TCO, I encourage you to see what companies like GE, Impact, Siemens, Armis and Kellogg’s have already accomplished with SingleStoreDB.

Real time is a destination, not a stop along the way. Real-time enterprises live in a vibrant, rapidly evolving ecosystem. And once organizations make the decision to power their real-time enterprise with SingleStoreDB, they need to:

  1. Understand the ecosystem that SingleStoreDB powers
  2. Leverage SingleStore’s partners to achieve their vision

Navigating and identifying the right partner solutions is always a challenge — which is why we delivered a new Technology Partner Program, and SingleStore Connect.

SingleStore Connect is a central place that SingleStore’s partners and customers can come together to discover and engage with the SingleStore Ecosystem.

find-the-technology-you-need-when-you-need-itFind the Technology You Need, When You Need It

The holidays remind us of the value of coming together to make exciting things happen. But the holiday shopping season is also a chilling reminder of how hard it can be to find the perfect thing.

In SingleStore Connect, we have set up multiple categories to help you discover the right SingleStore technology partner. Categories you can explore include partner type, partner level, specialization and target industry, allowing you to rapidly find a partner matching your needs.

Please join us in welcoming our newest SingleStore Connect partners to the SingleStore family:

“The popularity of cloud-native databases continues to surge, and SingleStore is making a big impact in the market with their ability to handle massive transactional and analytical workloads. As the global leader in real-time connectivity, CData is a natural fit to partner with SingleStore and help customers easily access live SingleStore data from all the applications that power their business.” — John Campbell, Senior Partner Alliances Manager, CData

“SingleStoreDB and StepZen is a powerful combination that massively simplifies data access for application developers.” — Anant Jhingran, CEO, StepZen

“Sapper is proud to be associated with SingleStore as its Strategic Partner for Hadoop and other relational and non-relational databases movement. Sapper's Data Movement platform for SingleStore doesn’t just work with SingleStore, it’s designed for SingleStore. With the Sapper Data Movement platform, you can:

  • Automate: Automates key operations such as source and target schema mapping, data quality checks, data loading

  • Scale and Speed: Horizontal scaling for large data volumes ensures speed

  • Comprehensive: Supports multiple databases and file formats, and the full lifecycle of data and workload migrations"

    — Param Lalia, CEO, Sapper

“For many organizations, repetitive data movement, manual processes and isolated data islands make it difficult to quickly derive value from analytics. SAS Viya with SingleStore delivers a game-changing set of capabilities that simplifies your data estate, scales the analytics process and accelerates speed-to-decision.” – Bryan Harris, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SAS

“Arcion is thrilled to partner with SingleStoreDB and proud to be one of the first companies listed on SingleStore Connect. With Aricon’s CDC-based replication and SingleStore’s scalable, distributed architecture, enterprises can unleash the power of their data and offer a truly real-time, personalized experience.“ — Gary Hagmueller, CEO, Arcion Labs

“By seamlessly connecting their best-in-class analytical and transactional database with a rich partner ecosystem, SingleStore has enabled organizations to flexibly approach their data challenges! Intel is proud to be a SingleStore Connect launch partner, delivering a fantastic data performance story on the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® Processors”  — Eric James,AI Partner Manager, Intel Corporation

"Recently released from MIT CSAIL, Hopara was designed specifically for visualizing real-time data at scale to bring that data to life and solve today’s challenges. SingleStore’s ability to make organized data available at scale and at speed is an ideal partner for Hopara.” — Ken Smith, Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Hopara

"SingleStore and Chooch share a common objective - driving transformational business outcomes with speed and efficiency. We’re excited to partner with SingleStore to bring big data solutions to the computer vision AI market." — Emrah Gultekin, CEO & Cofounder, Chooch

To discover these partners and others — and explore our tech partner ecosystem —  visit SingleStore Connect.