Introducing SingleStore Job Service

We are thrilled to introduce SingleStore Job Service —  a native job scheduler designed for running your notebooks and scripts seamlessly with your data stored in SingleStore.

With SingleStore Job Service, we've simplified the process of operationalizing your Python and SQL code, allowing you to bring enriched real-time data to your AI/ML models and applications.

bringing-compute-tooling-to-your-data-empowering-developers-to-buildBringing compute + tooling to your data, empowering developers to build

With our native Job Service and Notebooks, you now have the essential tools to seamlessly build with your data in SingleStore — whether it’s data apps, workflows, transformations or dashboards. All your scenarios are now powered within SingleStore Helios Cloud, next to where your data lives.

Our goal is to empower developers to build their apps and logic, sparing them from the complexities of managing compute instances, VPC and infrastructure setup. We've streamlined the core aspects of modern-day apps: robust and high-performance data access (SingleStore), seamless code development on the data (SingleStore Notebooks) and effortless code transition to production (SingleStore Job Service).

familiar-collaborative-developer-interface-full-data-governance-and-securityFamiliar + collaborative developer interface —  full data governance and security

With seamless integration into our Notebooks, Job Service offers developers a familiar and user-friendly interface. Developers can easily schedule Notebooks in SingleStore, running Python and SQL code through a collaborative, intuitive UI.

Ensuring the security of your data is our top priority; none of your data leaves the SingleStore environment when processed with SingleStore Job Service.

built-for-the-modern-enterprise-prototype-share-productionalizeBuilt for the modern enterprise —  prototype, share, productionalize

Since the introduction of SingleStore Notebooks, our community has solved compelling and innovative use cases, showcased in Spaces. Job Service elevates this to the next level, and in our private preview, we witnessed customers and developers significantly transforming their workflows. Here are some use cases that particularly excite us:

1. Sharing dashboards and insights on real-time data with Python libraries
Replacing: Google Colab, Metabase, Tableau

2. Performing ETL, data clean up and Python-based transforms, speeding up large aggregate queries
Replacing: EC2, Airflow, EventBridge

3. Real-time embeddings for streaming and batch data
Replacing: AWS Lambda, ECR, EventBridge

Note: Previously, we documented the approach to achieving this by combining various serverless technologies. Now, this entire workflow can now live on a SingleStore Notebook with Job Service. Stay tuned, we will show you how.  

wed-love-for-you-try-our-job-serviceWe’d love for you try our Job Service

We’re really excited to bridge the gap between your prototype and your production apps with our Job Service. SingleStore Helios Cloud will be the place where you can store your enterprise data, and build meaningful apps with your data with security and performance — we’re just getting started on this journey!

We have started rolling out a preview of Job Service, and would love to hear what you are building with it. If you don’t have this feature enabled yet and would like to try it out, feel free to reach out directly to me, our PM team or through our Forums.