Capterra Captures Positive Reviews of SingleStore


Floyd Smith

Director, Content Marketing

Capterra Captures Positive Reviews of SingleStore

Capterra describes itself as “the leading online resource for business software buyers,” boasting more than one million verified software reviews across hundreds of software categories. Those one million reviews include many positive takes on SingleStoreDB Self-Managed, including this comment from a big data manager: “Best Distributed RDBMS Ever!”

Capterra is growing fast, with more than five million monthly users, and the number of verified reviews on the site nearly doubling between 2018 and mid-2019. Capterra research asserts that reviews reduce purchase cycles by more than six months. More than four in ten small and medium business (SMB) users surveyed use reviews in their purchase process.

And these users, by and large, love SingleStore. It’s a “great product” with “similarity to MySQL” and “more scalability.” It’s “very fast,” “easy to operate,” and “works perfect on Linux.” “If you are looking for something for real-time analytics/dashboard, this is the go-to option.”

The Capterra site is focused on SMB users. For enterprise users, we have a roundup of comments and an update with newer comments from reviews site G2 Crowd, which is more focused on enterprise users. And we’ve captured highlights from reviews site Gartner Peer Insights, which also focuses on the enterprise. (Gartner owns both Gartner Peer Insights and Capterra, which it purchased for more than \$200M in 2019.)

Together, these review sites can give you a fair picture of SingleStore’s suitability for your needs – and, hopefully, shorten your purchase cycle, as Capterra does for many of its users.

most-helpful-reviews-nearly-say-it-allMost Helpful Reviews (Nearly) Say It All

The most helpful reviews show at the top of the list for Capterra’s software reviews. Several of the most helpful reviews for SingleStore include an awful lot of the best features of SingleStore, as seen on Capterra, and across all three of the reviews sites we’ve described:

  • “One solution for streaming analytics on big data,” says a senior manager for data engineering. He’s focused on machine learning and AI, and he describes the software as “super simple.” His shop runs “multi-petabyte S3” stores with “huge Kafka clusters.” They see “sub-second response on a test case with 1000 concurrent heavy API calls (scanning billions of rows).” SingleStore is “incredibly fast,” “fantastic partners” who offer “access to their core engineering team.”
  • A director of IT infrastructure at a large oil and energy company has built a “simplified data lake system” around SingleStore. He sees “large amounts of IoT data (trillions of rows)” that “can be queried in milliseconds.” Processes that “took hours to run” are now “running sub-second on SingleStore.” The software offers “amazing performance” and is “highly and easily scalable.”
  • A senior architect for IT and services at a large company calls SingleStore a “supersonic DB” that “aces every database” that he has worked with. SingleStore is “the database of the new generation” with “huge potential for both on-premises and cloud.” It features “high compatibility,” “resilience,” and “scalability.” SingleStore is “highly recommended to any organization wanting to get rid of old-fashioned databases.”

Many of the comments offer real insight. One big data manager lists pros which include “JSON support and full-text search,” “drop-in replacement to the famous MySQL,” and “in-memory tables for high OLTP workloads and on-disk columnar storage for OLAP workloads.”

Users are able to “ingest millions of documents every day and run sophisticated dashboards against them.” They achieve a “huge performance win,” see SingleStore as “easy to connect to Kafka” and “easy to set up on Kubernetes.” SingleStore is a “great replacement for Hadoop for a fraction of the cost,” with aggregation times dropping from over 2 hours to less than 20 minutes.

And “You can seamlessly join both row and columnar tables and query across it.”

A few more adjectives, from these and other reviews: “elegant”; “excellent”; “amazing”; “the go-to option” for real-time analytics and dashboards; “great support”; “blazing fast”; “good engineering principles”; “fast implementation” (in a one-day hackathon); “too easy to set up.”

A senior data engineering manager for AI offers insightful comments in a five-star review.

the-bottom-lineThe Bottom Line

One user sums it up, with words that many users of other solutions would like to be able to say: “We are within our SLA.”

If you use SingleStore already, consider posting a review today. Your efforts will benefit the community as a whole.

If you haven’t yet tried SingleStore, take a look at the reviews on the Capterra site. You can also post questions on the SingleStore Forums or try SingleStore for free today.