Webinar Recap: Getting Started in SingleStoreDB




Webinar Recap: Getting Started in SingleStoreDB

From IoT to fraud analytics, and cybersecurity to retail, today’s modern, data-intensive applications need access to fast analytics in real time.

Yet legacy data architectures — and single-node, open-source databases — aren’t equipped to handle the fast-moving data streams necessary for real-time analytics.

Up-to-the-minute insights require a database that powers low-latency access to large datasets. With a unified data engine for transactional and analytical workloads, SingleStoreDB powers real-time analytics and applications. Say hello to real time, unified, distributed SQL.

Led by Senior Technical Evangleist Akmal Chaudhri, “Getting Started With SingleStoreDB'' gives you an in-depth look at SingleStoreDB — including an introduction to real-time distributed SQL, the unique features and capabilities in SingleStoreDB, using connectors like Spark and Kafka, and how to get your OLAP & OLTP workloads up and running. 

Here’s a look at the highlights: 

real-time-analytics-for-data-intensive-applicationsReal-Time Analytics for Data-Intensive Applications

It’s no secret data volume and complexity are rising, and businesses need insights to drive real-time actions.

“It is a much more competitive world,” says Chaudhri. “Business pressures, de-regulation in many industries, there’s a lot of competitive pressures among organizations to be able to be innovative.” Combine that with how analytics have evolved and the demand for data, and you have a recipe for data intensity. The problem, however, is applications struggle to keep up. Sluggish event-to-insight response, increasing costs and complexity and growing demands for concurrency place a harsh spotlight on existing technology stacks that simply aren’t equipped to handle the five key requirements of data-intensive applications:

  1. Data Size
  2. Speed of Ingestion
  3. Latency Requirements
  4. Query Complexity
  5. Concurrency

Data-Intensity Assessment: How Data Intensive Are Your Applications?

what-makes-single-store-db-uniqueWhat Makes SingleStoreDB Unique?

SingleStoreDB is the #1 database designed for data-intensive applications. As a real-time, distributed SQL database, one of the key features that makes SingleStoreDB unique is Universal Storage, a patented, single table type for transactions and analytics. By combining rowstore and columnstore capabilities, SingleStoreDB enables both OLAP and OLTP workloads in a unified data engine — a move other database technologies are aiming to replicate. 

Other unique features to be aware of as you get started in SingleStoreDB include:

Additionally, our Summer 2022 product release unveiled a whole suite of new features in SingleStoreDB to accelerate application development and power real-time capabilities.

get-up-and-running-with-single-store-dbGet Up and Running With SingleStoreDB

Today, SingleStoreDB powers more than 100 global SaaS applications across industries like fintech, retail, media, gaming, cybersecurity and more. Brand like Uber, Hulu and Comcast use SingleStoreDB to:

  • Build new, modern applications with operational analytics workloads
  • Augment single-node databases (like MySQL or PostgreSQL), legacy data warehouses and specialty data engines.
  • Modernize, consolidate and replace legacy datastores and speciality databases to further simplify data architecture.

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