How AWS Supports SingleStore and Our Customers


Rob Weidner

Strategic Account Director

How AWS Supports SingleStore and Our Customers

SingleStore (formerly memSQL) was originally founded in 2011 as an on-prem database but has successfully transitioned to a cloud-first company offering our solution, Singlestore Helios, as a managed service on major clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. Customers benefit from using our database-as-a-solution (DBaaS) managed offering by not having to spend time on administrative and maintenance tasks like software upgrades and security fixes — allowing them to focus more time developing their applications.

A majority of our customers are now using Singlestore Helios, with a large percentage of those running our solution on AWS (referred to as S2MS on AWS), which has allowed us to accelerate our business and strengthen our collaboration with AWS. 

Although AWS offers over a dozen of their own native database services, they are keen to support ISV partners (like SingleStore) that run in their Cloud as IaaS or PaaS solutions to offer customers an array of choices. SingleStore has benefited from this collaboration in several ways.


AWS provides SingleStore financial resources and logistical support to run the SingleStore + AWS Dev Day workshop series, providing developers with hands-on experience on how SingleStoreDB integrates with AWS ETL and BI services including AWS Glue and QuickSight. This allows application developers to quickly ingest data and visualize it for meaningful insights. 

These workshops (like the upcoming London Dev Day) are co-presented with our AWS account team, often held in their offices.  Furthermore, AWS helps fund these workshops and amplifies our marketing efforts, reducing our acquisition costs and reaching a larger audience.

Proof-of-Concepts (POCs)

SingleStore relies on product-led growth (PLG) and a vast majority of our customers start with a free trial, and/or more in-depth POCs to test and evaluate our database for their application. AWS helps subsidize these POCs (providing SingleStoreDB credits against our AWS bill) so we can collaborate on these opportunities with their sales teams — and win these new SingleStore use cases on AWS workloads.

Innovation Credits

SingleStoreDB is a database, but AWS offers hundreds of other non-database services and solutions that a customer might want to leverage with the data they store in SingleStoreDB. To ensure data interoperability and ease-of-use between AWS services and SingleStore’s database, we have integrations with AWS services including  AWS Glue and Private Link.  AWS has provided funds to help subsidize these integrations, ensuring our joint customers extract the greatest value from their technology partners.

Workload Migration Program (WMP)

A majority of our customers are migrating to SingleStoreDB on AWS from another database that is not able to achieve SLAs around low latency and/or high concurrency.  To lower the cost of migrating the customer, SingleStore participates in AWS’s Workload Migration Program which offers technical and financial support during migration. One customer, Directed Electronics was able to migrate in less than 6 months and as a result has achieved major gains across various KPIs. “These services have led to a reduction in over 92 percent of driver violations in just six months — an incredible indicator,” said Stafford, adding that customers often reach nearly a 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption.


SingleStore allows customers to purchase our Managed Solution through the AWS Marketplace, allowing customers to burn down 100% of their Private Price Addendum (PPA) which is a commitment to spend with AWS while also providing AWS sellers quota relief.  This encourages collaboration between our sales teams to work together to recommend the best technology to the customer — whether it's an AWS first-party database service (like Redshift) or SingleStore’s proprietary MySQL, fully managed database running on AWS. 

As our own sales team has gained trust working with AWS sellers, we have worked on automating this process and transparently sharing all our mid- and late-stage opportunities with AWS through a monthly batch upload to their partner sales portal, ACE.

SingleStore also takes advantage of AWS support plans to ensure 24 x 7 support for customers that run business critical applications on SingleStore’s fully managed database solution on AWS.

Our AWS Customer Success Manager and Solution Architect, provide SingleStore access to AWS subject-matter-experts (SMEs) and product owners to conduct architecture evaluations, cloud financial management deep dives, and more, thus allowing us to deliver more business value to our joint customers such as in costs savings or an improved security posture.


SingleStore is proud to work with AWS, and encourages other ISVs to join their ISV Accelerate program to build, market and sell with the AWS team. With AWS financial, technical and business support, we have been able to amplify our marketing efforts, develop new innovative features faster and bring our solution to customers more effectively through our collaboration with AWS.