MySQL Error Command "error 1016 can't open file" — What Is This Error? How Do You Typically Resolve It?




MySQL Error Command "error 1016 can't open file" — What Is This Error? How Do You Typically Resolve It?

MySQL Error Command "error 1016 can't open file" — What is this error? How do you typically resolve it?

my-sql-error-1016-what-is-itMySQL Error 1016 — What Is It?

The error describes a situation where access to a required file is blocked. This can be the result of either dump (backup) was not created properly or read/write access to the output location.

Here is the error format, returning the the appropriate error number:


Message: Can't open file: '%s' (errno: %d)

my-sql-error-1016-what-are-the-causesMySQL Error 1016 — What Are the Causes?

This error is caused by following:

  1. Permissions access on required file, this could be dump files created as backups. The error is thrown when restricted dumps are accessed.
  2. Read/write access blocks inside the installation location. This can occur if the server loses access to the installation location or if the database files. This can also lead to the server crash.

my-sql-error-1016-solutionsMySQL Error 1016 — Solutions

The following are possible solutions to the problem based on each situation:

  1. If the issue arises from backup/dump files then one solution is to lock tables in the dump files, as the created files can be corrupted due to the excessive table volumes.

  2. Check version compatibility.

  3. Also check the following permissions:

    1. Permission for directory where backup/dump files are placed.
    2. MySQL user access to the directory and files for backup/dump
  4. If all permissions are valid, check the MySQL server status. If it’s not functional, then check error logs.


The MySQL error 1016 arises from flawed maintenance of resources, and this can also be due to lack of maintenance scripts which entail operations to check the health of the system. Upgrades or patch installations can cause this issue. To avoid serious issues and loss of data, proper precautions should be taken in addition to astute configuration.


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