What’s New in SingleStoreDB 8.1

We’re thrilled to announce the general availability of SingleStoreDB release 8.1. This is an epic release — featuring 100x faster analytics for MongoDB® apps, six-times faster transactions for wide- tables and power-packed features across observability, scalability, performance, security and more!

 As part of our 8.1 and subsequent releases, we plan product development in the following areas:

  1. Real-time analytics
  2. Cloud-native
  3. Distributed SQL
  4. Developer experience
  5. Partner ecosystem

Depicted here are some of the key features under each area of focus. Read on to learn more. 

Key new features in 8.1

real-time-analytics-for-mongo-db-applicationsReal-Time Analytics for MongoDB® Applications

We recently announced the launch of SingleStore Kai™ for MongoDB®, an API that brings real-time analytics to MongoDB® apps and helps you achieve up to 100x faster analytics on JSON — without having to change queries or refactor application code written for MongoDB®. This feature is now available in public preview. We think this is a game-changer for app developers, enabling you to take advantage of both SQL and MongoDB® APIs in a single database engine to power fast, real-time applications.

“This is a fantastic solution and a timely one… At DataDock, we help the world’s largest hedge funds structure products and execute trades. SingleStore helps us make exactly the right data and analytics available to our customers at the right time, in real time, and allows us to handle large volumes of data with ease.” - Kumaran Vijayakumar, CEO and Co-Founder, DataDock Solutions

Recall that we previously announced sub-segment access into JSON columns, enabling 400x better throughput and response times when trying to find a few nuggets of JSON data in a column. In this latest release, we also include new JSON functions to make it easier for developers to work with JSON data. From a broader standpoint, SingleStore continues to advance its multi-model capabilities beyond structured data (relational, geospatial, time series) to semistructured data (JSON) and unstructured data (text).


1. Ingestion. Database migrations require extensive effort and expertise, and are cost intensive. While there are a lot of reasons for this, one of the challenges is the actual migration of the data. We’ve introduced a native solution for one-time (snapshot) loads and CDC (Change Data Capture) from MongoDB collections to SingleStoreDB. This native replication tool for MongoDB is integrated with SingleStore Pipelines and can be used by customers at no additional cost.

2. Observability.

  • We recently added Historical Workload Monitoring, providing customers with a Grafana dashboard to monitor historical query executions, giving greater visibility and control over their database resources.
  • We’ve also added a native alerting capability that allows users to set custom thresholds for different levels of severity for the set of pre-configured actionable triggers, including CPU, memory and disk utilization and long running queries. These features are designed to prevent costly outages and reputational loss.

3. Security.

  • OpenSSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that provides an encrypted network connection between systems (servers, machines, applications). Previously, we only supported SSL version 1.0.2, which could open up security vulnerabilities. With support for OpenSSL 3.0,  network connections are as secure as possible for mission-critical applications.
  • With Private Link Automation, we have streamlined the setup of the AWS PrivateLink, enabling customers to set up inbound or outbound connectivity to the database.

distributed-sql-6-x-transaction-throughput-for-tables-with-wide-columnsDistributed SQL: 6x Transaction Throughput for Tables with Wide Columns

When multiple columns are frequently queried together in a highly selective query, there is an opportunity to improve performance by seeking the entire row, rather than each column. Column Groups are a new type of index we introduced in SingleStoreDB 8.1 to speed up row retrieval, especially from wide tables.

Our tests indicate Column Groups can increase transaction throughput by 6-8x

developer-experience-a-co-pilot-for-single-store-and-something-for-python-and-vs-code-developersDeveloper Experience: A Co-Pilot for SingleStore, and Something for Python and VSCode Developers

1. SingleStore has rolled out a generative AI assistant and chatbot called SQrL (pronounced squirrel) that enables developers and users to receive immediate, relevant responses to product-related questions. Read more about how we developed this, and try it for yourself here!

2. SingleStoreDB’s new Notebook extends Jupyter Notebooks capabilities to enable data professionals to easily work with SingleStore's distributed SQL database while providing great extensibility in language and data sources. Notebooks allow users to query SingleStore's distributed SQL database directly from within the notebook interface — without having to define any connection string, enabling a faster and more efficient data exploration and analysis. Read more in our blog here!

3. Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is one of the most popular developer tools, and SQLTools is an extension for VSCode. SQLTools provides developers a set of powerful tools to connect with, and manage several SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite. With SingleStore’s new driver for SQLTools VSCode extension, developers can connect to SingleStoreDB and use VSCode features including syntax highlighting, autocompletion, formatting, SQL query runner and database explorer.

tech-ecosystem-new-partnerships-with-oracle-golden-gate-and-tableauTech Ecosystem — New Partnerships with Oracle GoldenGate and Tableau

We are constantly expanding our technology ecosystem, but we wanted to call out a couple of new, noteworthy partnerships:

  1. Oracle GoldenGate is a leading replication tool used for data integration, high availability and online migrations. SingleStore customers can use Oracle GoldenGate to integrate data among Oracle and non-Oracle databases and data services with SingleStore as a target database. You can read more on the partnership here.
  2. Setting up Tableau connectivity with the ODBC driver can be complicated. Customers have to download and install the right ODBC driver to match the Tableau version, a non-trivial process fraught with troubleshooting error windows. With our native SingleStore JDBC connector, customers can find and get started with our driver on Tableau Exchange. Read our blog for a step-by-step breakdown.
  3. We’re also excited to announce our strategic partnership with Qlik that’s aimed at migrating SAP data into SingleStore. Together, Qlik Replicate and SingleStore offer a powerful solution to capture, process and analyze large volumes of SAP data in real time.

Please refer to SingleStore Connect for a full list of partners in SingleStore’s ecosystem.

“SingleStore basically ticked all the boxes that we were looking for.” - James Katz, Staff Software Engineer, Heap

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